Inspire change

Victoria is the most locked down place on earth during the Covid-19 pandemic and we are faced with a health crisis anymore…instead we are faced with a crisis in leadership…we must unite and we must inspire change.


  1. This is nothing to do with health. It is about destruction of middle class and erosion of basic human rights.

    Government is committing treason against its people.
    MSM is fueling the situation.

  2. It pains me to say it but what we are witnessing is the useless eaters theory deployed by a tyrannical and unaccountable leader. Those who dissent or do not conform are condemned. Never has there been a time in my lifetime, where fellow citizens who choose to not partake in a government scheme and lose everything as a consequence, are labelled selfish. If it continues unchecked, it’s going to lead some really ugly times.

  3. This video was shared very widely tonight and it’s very moving to know there are people out there who have had enough, who will no longer tolerate these draconian rules…we understand the dangers of Covid and we understand we must all do our best to fight it but Victoria cannot continue to live like this…it is time to unite and it is time to inspire change…✌🏼❤️

  4. This propaganda against the efforts of Victoria to deal with the Covid crisis is ridiculous — how can you claim that Victoria is a a police state for enforcing public-health regulations? When people turn up needing ventilators at an overcrowded ICU, whose fault will it be? And is it OK to have them use hospital resources while kids with complex medical needs, who have been following every public health guideline for over a year, endure yet more delays to get their necessary treatments or surgeries because hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID patients, especially if they caught COVID because they ignored safety rules? Whose freedom is really at risk, here? Whose rights are infringed?

    We don't need propaganda from videos like this or from Sky News and the Murdoch media about freedom for people who are unwilling to make relatively small personal sacrifices for the common good. This is not to minimise the real hardships that many Australians and Victorians endure because of COVID-19; they are real, and they hurt. So do the smaller sacrifices we are all making. But if you will not tolerate some lockdown to keep others safe, a thin piece of cloth on your face don't talk about your rights being violated by a tyrannical public health autocracy.

    Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. It is disgusting how some people the media like Sky News and the Murdoch media demonise those trying to keep the community safe, encouraging greed, selfishness and the deliberate endangerment of others in the name of “freedom” We need to reject their dangerous ideology

  5. WOW, today I was so FLAT. Tired from trying to get the message to people. I really needed to see this tonight. Australia is not the Australia I grew up in. I find I am starting to become incredibly intolerant of sheeple now, people with no backbone. I feel inspired to rise again, this was Lion's food and THANK YOU.

  6. What a load of melodramatic mindless rubbish. There is broad support for the Lockdown across the political and social community in the State, across he country and Internationally. We haven't LOST our freedoms. Thre Lockdown does far more good than harm. Sometimes you have to accept certain freedoms being temporarily put on hold, for the greater good, in a Democracy.

  7. The Judge that signs all this paperwork in the middle of the night without going to parliament and argued, please give us his name. I can say without a doubt Homer (Dan) put him there just like the Union boss and Work Health & Safety Boss who can see that there is a manslaughter Law here and Homer must be accountable. With blessings

  8. It is a Socialist takeover. In America Biden was planted into the Oval office by the Chinese. as they have his sons laptop. Andrews answers to Beijing. Cops take they training from Nazi Germany. Isolation camps being built globally, here in Australia also, The unvaxxed will be rounded up mid next year under the 2015 Bio-security Act.

  9. Unfortunately it's not just Dan Andrew's that needs to go, it's all of them, (but he can go first)! If the other politicians were supporting and protecting their people why do they not stop this? Why does Scumo not come and sort the country out that he is being paid to protect and lead? He is as far as the government go ultimately responsible for selling us out and it will not just be Melbourne and Sydney it will be all of Australia if they are allowed to continue. The irony is that we pay their wages and that of the police who are not standing up for their people either. So wrong.

  10. The Victorian Labor Party is pure Fascism:
    This Regime should not be allowed to proceed to the next election as we need to stamp out evil now.
    The Police Commissioner wont help – The Governor of Victoria wont help, so where is Our Prime Minister of Australia ?
    He is overseas talking about Climate Change –
    He should be standing up to Dan Andrews to stamp out Communism – Fascism and Dictatorial Rule.
    This is no longer a free Country – It's is the pits of hell.

  11. Made me cry , i am so sad about the state of Victoria and the fact we have been divided as a people and fight amongst ourselves on the issues that have been brought about by the so called "leaders" of state government . I fear we may never recover 🙁

  12. I'd also add in the bit about a 'crisis of education' given how many crazy people are teaching in primary, secondary and tertiary education these days across all of Australia. Obviously less so with trades, but certain individuals are even trying to mess with that these days.

  13. Melbourne has become the biggest prison in the world and apathy across Australia from " fellow citizens, Aussie's" is deafening. Why is that!? I reckon, because of mass constant immigration influx in the short period of time. Most immigrant need minimum 15 yrs to develop sense of belonging, if ever…. Our Australian National Identity has been diluted, maybe even lost. Covid has exposed massive cracks in communities in our federation.

  14. Cudos to the creator.

    While watching it I recalled the words of Scomo on the news, boasting like a true dictator, how he has the power to gift Australians a little more freedom.
    But we must first take the experimental injection.

    To him and all the evil traitors in leadership:

    Our inalienable human rights do not come from the generosity of the state.
    They are a gift from God.

    Save Australian children from genocide.

  15. Dan, you must be charged with the 800+ deaths you are responsible for and we must change the system he has created where all his mates run all departments and media which makes him an untouchable dictator!!!

  16. After the last 18 months…. How can any person of decency and common sense vote for Andrews again?
    Why is Victoria in lockdown longer than any other place on earth? Why is our Grand Final played in other cities?
    Why do we have rules that make no sense, like visiting a brothel is ok but you can't visit your parents?
    Victorian Labor is an incompetent organisation…….. It operates on lies, spin and a narrative designed by bureaucratic spin doctors.

  17. Great stuff Ben.
    Only problem being that Churchill was actually a washed up alcoholic who massively betrayed his own people and the world by allowing the globalist technocrats to run their profitable war for longer.

  18. Yes this made me cry too. I have a message from God for you. This great divide between the people is being done by God himself, between those who believe in him and those who hate him. Do not try to convince those who have turned their back on YAHWEH and his laws, which is the Book of Life to show you how to live and prosper. . We are being separated for judgment, "just as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the coming of the Son of Man", Jesus (Yahshua). The majority choose to ignore God and it is the minority who follow him and are prepared to give their life for TRUTH. From 2000 to 2012 it was bad news for ALL humanity when Transhumans were patented. 2013 was the beginning of THE GREAT DIVISION, where all have to choose sides between good and evil, between belief and unbelief. People are still worshipping the sorcery of vaccines, which has become idol worship, and even this death jab will not wake them up. Find your tribe and choose now while there is still time for repentance. Naturally I keep getting blocked on FB because TRUTH is the victim of these crimes against humanity.