Instagram CENSORS Biologist For Sharing Peer-Reviewed Graph Showing Men Are STRONGER Than Women

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia join friend and fellow YouTuber Jack Murphy to ask why a biologist was censored from Instagram.

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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. Ian is making my head hurt again. For fucks sake man, shush! Listen and learn. You are good at that, but there are times when you get on a point and do not let go. Like a hungry dog with a bone. Let it go bro. No disrespect, even tho I come off that way. But it is absolutely correct. I know because I was smoking pot while coming up with, and writing this piece. So just like the 'fact checkers, I am right, just because I say it is so – it is. NOT! Keep it up guys and guy'ettes. Peace

  2. Yes those body types are the most successful for those sports. But how much of that is genetic that they were built for it and how much of it has built your body via your training for your sports. Sprinters lift a lot weights and incorporate explosives training like plyo. Long distance runners mainly run. If you are running more steady state you will burn more calories than the sprinters Inaerobic activity because you can sustain SSC for much longer. Even if you take weight training in consideration ssc always wins in the area of leaner physique. So yes some people have a build for a sport but most can achieve similar result through training it isnt weird that strongmen dont look lean because they primarily lift and eat and recover vs the bodybuilder that trains for aesthetics that incorporates regular amount of cardio that keeps them trim. But to compare body types based on Olympic athletes is probably the worst idea. A lot of these athletes not only have physical traits that allow them to have an edge but dedicate their lives to the optimal training regimes for marginal gains over competition which is the difference between 1st and 3rd place which your body would change to be better at the sport. Being tall doesnt make a great basketball player. Being a good player while being tall makes you great player.

  3. Its not just about destroying masculinity, although I am not dismissing this point. But its destroying science and critical thinking and objective facts as well. We are still absolutely a dimorphic species, with real biological differences, period, fact, no argument from anyone sane or well intended.

    On sprinting vs marathon running, sprinting builds muscle because its intensity makes it a form of resistance training. Marathon running is much more pure endurance cardio, which excessive cardio burns up lean tissue as well as fat, so it thins people out alot.

    The second we fully buy into being in a society that no longer needs warriors to defend it, we'll be conquered. Its sadly heading that direction, but we have to resist this foolishness. From the video 11:3812:06, Spot on, China understands and is likely helping the US down this bad path.

  4. What's happened with Ean lately?! What's with the un-nuanced statements and gibberish? Did you catch a mind virus? Why are you trippin lately?!? 🤔 Sure there a outliers, but generally and on average, biological women are not as strong ans their male counterparts.

  5. And in other news, water is wet….in general men are stronger, so what. Why should this be a problem. It is what it is and isn't about being masculine or not…..and when the one guy said big strong men are needed to protect women from big scary things, I'd change things to other men. Women can figure out how to deal with a bear, aggressive violent men are another story.

  6. Nature isn't choosing much of anything anymore. We are fertilizing weeds and filling the farms with poodles, dachshunds and pugs. We're just a few generations from Idiocracy as the main population of this planet.

  7. There has been research that shows women will change what they look for based on where they are in their cycle. When they are most fertile an ovulating they look for men who appear to be able to give them healthy offspring and be protectors…. When out of thy window they look for providers.

  8. So. I believe that this is a violation of the first amendment bc it is hindering actual scientific research based on the far-left ideology/religion. And free speech is absolutely necessary for actual scientific advancements to be achieved. No one cares about science. They only pick and choose facts that support what they believe, and bastardize any actual science. sigh

  9. Also, red queen theory, is very pertinent within the idea of sexual selection. The weaker men are no longer being weeded out of the gene pool, so there is less natural pressure on the actual gene pool.

  10. You may not have to fight off bares anymore, but you’re definitely going to have to fight off the racial gangs that our country is going to be dominated by. They aren’t bringing in millions of fighting age third world men, to pick produce. Better learn to fight.

  11. this is more data to support my hypothesis that these people don't follow empirical science. they are members of a cult called "The Science." this cult claims to be empirical but whenever someone says something that goes against the dogma of "The Science" they are shunned and canceled

  12. I know a woman personally (she is beautiful) who is a female BODY BUILDER, she COMPETES against OTHER WOMEN but I am a man, nearly twice her age, who just works out as a hobby to try to stay in shape AND I CAN LIFT MORE WEIGHT THAN HER. I am not s healthy or in as good a shape aerobically and she has me beat in repeatedly lifting her own weight, i cannot do as many pushups or pullups or situps as her but when it comes to just sheer brute force I can lift way more than she can. I can squat or bench or curl more. She just cannot lift the large amount of weight i can. She can lift more weight than most other women.

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