Instagram censors ‘Men are biologically stronger than women’ paper as HATE SPEECH (Livestream #100)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #100 (originally streamed live on October 16, 2021):


Dose of Leadership podcast with Richard Rierson:

Instagram Censors Evolutionary Biologist For Post Pointing Out Men Are Physically Stronger Than Women:

What is this a clip from?
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  1. You guys are cute man glad you decided to do this podcast in this format with Heather your chemistry is awesome its nice to see functionality in a relationship mist people don't know what it is anyways great show

  2. You act like Instagram has a panel of bearded experts determining absolute truth. What happens is that a herd of blue-haired landwhales click on the "report" button and some blue-haired teenager behind a desk in a cheap office building clicks 'approve'. It's not some great assault on science.

  3. "This is follow the rapid consensus that we are cloaking in science, which is different than following the science." Holy shit that was good Heather! 🤯🤯🤯👍👍👍🙌🙌🙌🧠🧠🧠

  4. Climate deniers have been saying the scientists are being forced to say humans effect climate change because of coercion for 20+ years.

    Now with the coercion of vaccine mandate science and gender/biology science… it really makes one wonder if the climate deniers didn't actually have a point???

    Destroy science and you destroy reality.

  5. Kind of like how the term “super spreader” bastardizes people’s perception of what the immune system is. It’s a given that one’s immune system should be robust enough to not only fight off any and all pathogens as a mark of one’s virility but also weaken something like the coronavirus by one’s immune system having fought it off, effectively improving the odds of those whom the strain one’s transmitted may contract. In short, “herd immunity” is a myth if the Deep State gets its way, and everyone’s a super spreader merely by having a healthy immune system. So when it comes to this, as so much else, “Use it or lose it.”


  6. At school I was threatened with a caning for suggesting that the continents fitted together and were therefore moving apart . That was 60 years ago and now it would be threatened to suggest that it is not true.

  7. A crash of a 747 taking off in Stansted two new young co pilots sat there and not said anything whilst the god like senior captain purposely banked the aircraft turned completely on side because he would not and could not be told that the artificial horizon was broken. It was a cultural thing as it was South Korean and he was an ex senior airforce general , a God. Must never ever be spoken back to by a minion. The died , luckily it was cargo only with no passengers. Culture is a big factor.

  8. "keeping the food away from the females"? I can't keep the females away from the food! rimshot Now, take my wife… No, take my wife, please! rimshot I'm here all week.

  9. Wait a second, this is basic fact, it's not even elementary school, you can figure this out yourself even as a 4 or 5 year old. I didn't need a scientific paper to tell me that as a very young child I and my friend were much stronger than our female friends, siblings, cousins all our age or older, my sister who's 6 years older than me, etc.

  10. There are a group of people who are not interested in debate or the views of others/Facts and will resort to Violence (Antifa), Forced Speech (Cananda), Cancel Culture etc to shut you up….Looks a bit like Fascism to me.!

  11. Does this mean that women will now have to lift the same weights as men in work? When I worked in a DIY outlet before there were many heavy products that required either 2 women or 1 man to lift under health and safety laws, not by physical strength safety laws.

  12. I have noticed that liberals generally lack a proper hierarchy of values. They have a patchwork of ostensibly good values, but they are unable to assign appropriate weight to each value in any given specific (or general) situation.

  13. i think mental health is missing a mark here. I don't think anyone really looked at how their dismorphia is impacting their outlook on everything. On daily life. And I seen this a lot on trans podcasts. A lot of people in the community are themselves confused in terms of how they ''fit in". And that confusion, for some of them, not all, has morphed into just saying "Ok, I don;t feel like I fit in, so the world is wrong".

    That confusion and sense of disassociation and dismorphia, that particular state of mind…it doesn't end at sexuality. There is clearly overlap into the rest of their lives. And frankly I wish there was more real science being done here, bc if it some kind of brain chemistry issue, which leads to this sense of confusion about themselves, it would be a lot easier to address that, than to try to change their physical body to match their perception (at that point in time). And you do get plenty of cases where they end up ''regretting it". That itself may be a hint there. This may be a perception issue, steming from a possible brain chemistry cause. We do know that hormones can make a difference, we do know that some lack of a basic chemical in the brain can cause hallucinations in people.

    So why is it not being investigated at all, that it may be a chemical imballance causing the distorted perception. Bc in that case the treatment would be a lot less invasive, for starters. And a lot less permanent if it does not work. You would not be taking kids and young adults and permanently altering their physical bodies and sterilizing them in the process. So there are definitely benefits for looking into this issue, yet most scientists will not even breach the subject. It should be mandatory to do brain chemistry testing and see if any patterns emerge, especially prior to altering their bodies permanently.

    Another reason I think this is relevant is that there is significant overlap with the drug industry within the trans-community. And a lot of drugs, particularly hallucinogens do alter brain activity during the time they're taking them, depending on which drug they're taking. This may be that they're just looking for escapism for sure, but it may also be that they're trying to self-medicate. There is an impulse there towards doing something, anything, to relieve the pressure in their heads. Usually this would indicate some kind of medical problem. They don't know what to do so they end up trying whatever is available. We see this in the correlation between trauma and substance abuse as well. This impulse to self medicate with brain chemistry altering substances bc it does provide some relief. But it would be a lot better if we actually understood what is happening so that we can address the problem properly and not just get people addicted to various drugs instead. Self-medicating with substances is not a long-term strategy and a lot of them end up suiciding eventually. The stats on that are through the roof.

  14. Men my mostly be physically stronger but testosterone is a complicating factor when infection hits – any inflammation because of testosterone causes an inflammation in the brain hence men generally do not live as long….Napoleon had enteritis on the day of the battle of Waterloo … a replay with Napoleon in good health it is said it would have been a different matter.

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