INSTANT DEBUNK! Liberal Narrative Falls Apart Faster Than Joe’s Approval.


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  1. What's amazing is the incredible hypocrisy mixed with hubris the Democrats are The originators of the klu Klux Klan they were the supporters and perpetrators of slavery in the United States all the way till and beyond 1865 the Democrats opposed the equal Rights amendment they opposed any equality for other races than white Margaret Sanger helped create planned Parenthood for the sole purpose of getting rid of black children that kind of backfired and then they have the absolute goal to step up and see that white supremacy comes from the right wing when we know in fact white supremacy is deeply entrenched in the Democrats even Joe was a big supporter of the KKK earlier in his career and spoke at the funeral of a grand master KKK chief how is it people can so conveniently forget this well I think 30% of our population has lost their mind and it's probably no cure for them it's just hope they don't start a civil war like they did last time

  2. Lights and shared except I'm still banned on Facebook for two more days I don't even know what I said they won't tell me but I will move it and do it on rumble and parler and megabook because like you I am so sick of their blatant lies I mean the whole 2019 election was a blatant lie and they got away with it well so far.

  3. Texas Primary GOP run-off is this Tuesday, May 24th. vote for the TRUE conservatives such as Patrick McGuinness, Michael Rodriguez, Carrie Isaac, Tim Westley, Ken Paxton and much more

  4. Nah Liz, the denouncing game is all done, not one democrat has ever condemned the violence and even murders committed by Antifa/blm. Until then don’t ask anyone to denounce shite

  5. Talia Lavin returns! You may know her as fact checker for the New Yorker that was persecuting veterans and got fired. Then tried to become a adjunct professor for NYU exploring the "far right" and nobody signed up for her class. I thought she faded into irrelevance, but here she is!

  6. Those people twisting the truth it should be accountable for those actions a lot of people angry up there because they thinking these guys a republican that's not right this guy is extremist Lefty like AOC they need to put the through up there so people who get confused

  7. Liars they're nothing but freaking Liars another sad part of this is that a lot of people are going to freaking believe them!! Here's another time Google it and you'll find out the truth just like you were supposed to Google the law in Florida is not don't say gay has nothing to do with that told you to Google that 50 other things at the far left is freaking pushing it's all lies!! In the damn mainstream media is backing these psychos up 110%!!

  8. I don't know about Replacement….But when The Southern Border is Wide open for All…..The Argument is there but Mainstream Media won't give any TRUE numbers on this.

  9. Leftism has many incarnations too many to list. However, for the sake of context and to obtain a better understanding of those variations of leftism to those that are new to this ideological and Spiritual Culture War we are in, her are just some of the MANY incarnations of leftism:

    Paganism, polytheism, tribalism, feudalism, monarchism, racism, socialism, realism, materialism, pluralism, populist, nihilism, fascism, communism, Marxism, Maoism, solipsism, naturalism, determinism, progressivism, feminism, etc…

    Leftism needs to rebrand itself, especially after one incarnation fails, so that it can be repackaged and then resold to those ignorant of it and its origins, its past failures, but it nevertheless promotes the same basic deceitful and harmful concept in order to replace the RIGHT and TRUE way that GOD has ordained.

    In short, leftism is meant to be an alternative to Judeo-Christianity (or the RIGHT way of GOD).

    Essentially modern leftists believe in an oppressor (GOD) and an oppressed (Creations), and the oppressed must replace the oppressor with themselves, thereby becoming the oppressors that they always are, and will be. THEY are the very monsters that they claim to oppose. Although each variation of leftism may identify a different oppressor and oppress (depending on who is being targeted) the objective is to cause division and entice revolution for the purpose of the left obtaining and sustain power. It is the same tactic since the very first leftist who rebelled against GOD in Heaven, and he is the one who is pulling the strings on all those who choose the lies of leftism instead of the truth that ONLY stems from GOD.

    There is NOTHING new in this tactic to villainize the Children of GOD, from Nero to Biden, whether their name was Hitler or Salin, Castro or Pol Pot, Mao, or Chavez, these leftist dictators always demonized the Children of GOD by enticing the mad mob or "useful idiots" to distract from the truth and manipulate the emotions to allow them to cease power and keep it. There is a reason why Alinsky dedicates (though in jest, but NOT a coincidence) the devil in his "Rules for Radicals." (Proverbs 16:25)

    The Jesus warns us of these false leaders, these false prophets, these false Judeo-Christians, these false conservatives, these "wolves in sheep's clothing" these Hypocritical Opportunist aka leftist, exploiting and subverting the truth (the Word of GOD) for their own selfish and immoral interest, and how we could identify them, we would "know them by their fruits." (Acts 20:29-30; Luke 21:8; Mark 6:43-45, & 10:18; Matthew 7:15-20, 10:16, 12:33, 24:5, & 24:24; Isaiah 5:20, John 3:19, 2 Timothy 3:1-17; 2 Peter 3:3-4, 9-12; Romans 3:10; 2 John 9-11)

    The fact that "white supremacist" stems from the Nazi, KKK, and Dixiecrats/Democrats (all leftist) is NOT a coincidence, it is what leftism does, it promotes envy, fear, anger, hate, and division–their poisonous and rotten fruits that their cool aid (lies) is made from. The left can attempt to suppress, edit, omit, revise, replace, and erase history/truth–but they never will because the truth stems from GOD, and nothing is greater than GOD.

    Joshua 24:15
    John 8:31-32 & 14:6
    Psalms 28:7
    Strength and Honor!

  10. all this miss information they peddle…. wouldn't it be good if there was a miss Information team …. o wait the Democrats just disbanded them in perfect timing for there narrative

  11. The great replacement is not a theory when we are living through it. The Tucker and the kid are both right about it. Expect more people to go postal when they figure it out.

  12. Do they really think we forgot about the Democrats funding BLM to burn down cities and attack anybody who didn't support the left? Guess it's that same old Democrats selective memory 🤷‍♂️

  13. glad the buffalo shooter was NOT from Buffalo….wish he did it something else…somewhere else but that cant happen,,,, is anyone shocked by leftys lieing….all over….

  14. This is why I find it suspect that all coverage of the Buffalo incident has vanished, and now another mass shooting in Texas has occurred…Which the Media is now trying to use to paint parents in a bad light…
    I find that awfully convenient for them…

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