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  1. Where is this acrimony against Christians/Christmas even coming from? I get that Rogan and Silverman are Jewish, but why this level of hate against the media's designated scapegoat demographic?

  2. If a video hides dislikes and comments are turned off? Yeah, it's shit. The big corpos may fake boost the likes to hide it, but the fact that dislikes are hidden and comments are turned off is just the proof that it's not liked at all.

  3. They think normal people are like the braindead twitter lemmings and the actual harassment campaigns they run. This is just people sick of woke Hollywood and their woke garbage they keep pushing out that NOBODY wants to see. It's just a pathetic excuse to hide all the negative comments and what people actually think.

  4. Oh yeah i was on one guys channel reviewing this. I dont know if i was imagining this but alot of Anti semitism and Homophobia neo nzism in the comments of this guys channel. Towards him. I tapped out quickly

  5. These morons put out a terrible movie that flops HARD and instead of admitting they backed the wrong horse the main actors blame America for not liking because, well you know, all the typical reasons. At what point will they admit to themselves what everyone else knows??!! THEY MAAKE TERRIBLE MOVIES CONSTANTLY AND NO ONE WITH HALF A BRAIN WANTS TO WATCH THIS GARBAGE!! 👌👌👌🤔🤔🤔

  6. Sad that the most entertaining and comedic thing that's come out of both Seth Rogan and Sarah Silverman's careers in the last decade are the comments and hiding the dislike button on this trailer.

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