Instant Regret! Multi-Millionaire Lizzo Says She Is Oppressed At MTV Music Awards & Gets Demolished

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. She has enough money to live anywhere in the world. And yet for some reason she stays where she is "oppressed"
    People that have actually been oppressed that are flat broke with nothing but clothes on their back will walk for thousands of miles to get away and get a new start in another place. Try again rich celebrity with buzz words.

  2. But i thought they wanted segregation back and that they didn't want to be mixed with us Whites? Stop inviting them to White ceremony Awards, period. The more we give them, the more they're gonna spit on us. Enough.

  3. I find it very amusing that articles talking about what kind of stars would generate office watercooler talk, when none of the people who watch the MTV Movie Awards will ever encounter an office watercooler. Because they're useless. I know it's a figure of speech but, find another one maybe.

  4. As a former fat, I believe there's more of a cultural stigma as opposed to an institutional one. In the public eye, being overweight makes you either INVISIBLE or you're an eyesore, more the former than the latter, and it's really isolating and confidence breaking.

  5. Ehh. The body positivity "only being for women" is because men aren't expected to live up to body standards that women are, nor are they shamed as much when/if they don't.
    Look at all the DJ Khaled's, Kevin James', Jack Black's, Ice Cubes, Jonah Hill's, etc. compared to the much lower demographic of out of shape women.
    Obesity is bad for anyone, but that's the main reason the "body positivity" movement might appear to not include men.
    The male body is not as shamed or judged as the female body. That's all.

  6. I'm sick of this woman. Her "body positivity" example is going to ruin the lives of a lot of people who may otherwise be encouraged to better themselves

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