Instant Regret! Parents FURIOUS With Library & They ABSOLUTELY Should Be!

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Written by TheQuartering

Another social commentary channel but this one the guy has a beard! Let's Talk Games! I talk about issues many of us care about in the gaming industry, comics, and the world at large. Come to hopefully both be entertained & informed about a variety of topics.Thanks for subscribing


  1. The parents are sharpening the knifes, greasing the mole grips and polishing the shovels.

    These things take time, when you mess with kids, the people never forget.

    They just put their foot into something that's going to follow them for life.

  2. Strange how many of these "total accidents" that normally cause people to wind up watch lists keep happening in the alphabet community isn't it?

  3. the backlash against this is only going to inspire Democrats to try and take away parental rights….. because OBVIOUSLY they don't know what's good for their kids.

  4. "Medelsome monkey?" Just about the only thing I find funny about this is the fact that the library's tweets seem to have been written by someone struggling with illiteracy themselves.

  5. Library Staff: We saw this guy at the Pride parade last month and couldn't wait to book him to . . . uhh . . . read to the kids.

  6. I couldn't see my self as an employee or bystander not asking this person to leave and take over the reading.
    And im being tame by saying ask to leave!

  7. I remember when all the anti-furries were getting attacked and called fascists for calling out people like this; hell, over on Reddit, anti-furries got banned for calling out a known zoophile. Now look; is it any surprise at this point? I've seen shit like this dating all the way back to 1995; this has been going on for decades now, and it's only now that people are finally realizing how messed up this shit really is.

  8. no Jeremy this shit is happening everywhere , children are acting as they are adults and parents only care once it blows up in their face

  9. "where are the parents?"
    They're all home rereading "White fragility," for the second or third time. "You have to put in the work." Right?

  10. I'm asking this with complete conviction. How long do you think it's going to be before we start hearing all the self appointed "advocates and allies," start to make arguments justifying pedophilia, then quickly slide down to slope to defending and advocating for them?
    I want to point out that I'm not conflating being gay or trans with being pedophiles.
    My point isn't about them, it's about the advocates that are willing to defend and promote anything and everything that is connected with a particular marginalized group.
    I think it was only last week where the story about people brining their children to the Pride parade in spite of that behavior of segment of those in attendance. They defend some of the things that happen there that i believe the majority of gay people themselves would say it's inappropriate for young children.

  11. Mandinga Arts were contracted by the Library for the Summer Reading campaign, and were asked to include a monkey "suitable" for a family event. So, this fault is not with the library itself but with the Arts company who decided THIS design was the one to choose for a family event. They have since 'retired' the costume, and have received a TON of threats and abuse allegations, without merit.

    Context is important, because I feel like this is becoming a wind tunnel for people who just want to rage. There is no deeper meaning, there is no dark intent, it's literally a moment of thoughtlessness. While I appreciate it doesn't make as great a headline, it sickens me more that people are resorting to abuse and slander.

    What internet crusaders seem to forget is that these are people's lives and livelihoods you're destroying with your comments. Considering how this channel started, you guys are slowly becoming the very thing you sought to destroy. Just another rage media, failing to do due diligence on the matter. It didn't even take long to research – literally one google search brought up the Madinga Arts page where they THEMSELVES apologised and admitted fault.

    Keep your hate targeted at the company, not the library, nor the people in the suits. They're just doing the job they were paid to do, as distasteful as that might seem (apparently the costume was very well received in other events – though I hope those events weren't aimed at kids). This was clearly a managerial decision that backfired spectacularly, so keep your venom for the right targets.

  12. Creepy. Kids shouldnt be exposed to these agenda driven types. The people hiring these people are thinking of virtue signaling and ticking boxes when they should only be concerned with the kids education and safety.