Institutionally Sponsored “TWO MINUTES of HATE™ in 2021

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  1. You see the world getting worse and don't understand why things are as they are. Why is the world becoming evil? Why is degeneracy on the rise? You know the truth that is the true faith in the living God. You've heard about Jesus Christ. Follow him.

    John 9:4 (KJV)
    I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

    Don't wait for the night. Act now while you still can. I don't represent the priest (falsely so called) that touched you or the parent that used the bible to get you in line. I'm just another Christian. I've been a born again believer in the one true God for more than a decade. My testimony is true. There really is an almighty God and He is benevolent and merciful. If you are not His then you are damned in the truest sense of the word.

  2. wearing a mask isn't hard, not wearing one is literally like saying your willing to roll the dice on killing someone or giving them a life long disability. kid got what he deserved, more space for a human worth the air.

  3. So apparently, BPS is taking issue with people getting pissy over a guy not wearing a mask? Fam, you do realize the covid situation in Europe is pretty bad, right? Besides, Japan had to recently declare a state of emergency once again because COVID cases there have spiked since the end of the olympics.

    Besides, it's not as if there's, oh I don't know, a global pandemic of a dangerous pathogen going around? One that many people have died from?

  4. If they were actually concerned about a virus, instead of concerned about a breach of conformity… they'd not want to touch that boy.

    The fact that they all jumped on him… speaks the reality clearly.

  5. People have short memmories…
    do you remember in 03/2020 poeple in Italy were throwing stones on Ambulances in the streets out of fear getting COVID? do you remember?
    Nothing changed… stupid, uneducated, oblivious sheep ll around…. cheering dictatorship
    people really deserve nothing better… seems like

  6. When those same brainlets die because of their beloved cult leaders I won't shed a single tear; there has to be a bit of everything in the world, not an overflowing mass of stupidity.

    Margaret Thatcher must've been referring to this.

  7. Alot of people have died in Spain, and everywhere else in Europe, because of COVID. I myself almost lost my dad from that. During a pandemic, there are RULES. You gotta wear your mask. Respect your fellow passengers, respect their health. This young lad has no respect, therefore he got kicked out the train.

  8. Shameful about Spain. Now you can understand why there is a socialist-communist government there. since Franco's death, the decadence has been continuous until reaching the abyssal pits of ignominy.

  9. We should not be surprised by this. we are in the middle of a civic generation in the Strass Howe generation cycle. The last time we were in this part of the cycle we had Nazism, communism, McCarthyism and Fascism, tearing society asunder. Each of theese were a herd mentality of extreme fervour, and this is is exactly what we expect to see today. The PTB are just using the group think of the ZG of the current moment to play us off against each other. My prediction is a new baby-boomer like movement ris in about 15 years time. … if we are still here…

  10. Everyone should by now have the right to wear one or not wear on by their own choice.

    I'm highly vulnerable due to medical conditions, but I would not complain for anyone choosing not to wear one

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