“Intel by proxy”: the real Bellingcat story

Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate excavate the hidden truth behind the widely celebrated Bellingcat website, from the US and UK government funding the media never mentions to its not-so-organic rise as the darling of Western intelligence agents, along with the dubious reporting practices of its founder.

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  1. It is in benefit for the elites to step down, apologize and repent with penance. Because not growing up amongst the masses the elites don't know what mob mentality can really do.

  2. Bellin¿cat💩 injected itself into my world after the downing of
    Emm Hache Seventeen. Just writing that will release the attack poodles. It was known at the time there was some very suspicious Intel, but the cat had its army of trolls back by Uncle Rupert who relentlessly crushed any who disagreed with the narrative

  3. When it comes to Bellingcat just look by whom they're funded, enough said. How idiotic it is that Bellingcat provided “evidence” for the Joint Investigation Team investigating the downing of MH17 on July 17 2014.

  4. Establishment BBC Newsnight spooksman Mark Urban – blurring the line between spook/Foreign Office stenographer and BBC 'journalist' – is always banging on about how great Bellendcat's 'independent' investigations are.

  5. I volunteered with other men in our Orthodox church to go fight as a Christian malitia for Assad & this is when I first heard of Blumenthal. Though I feel we were brought on as more of a spectacle & symbol.. we quickly saw the depths of Lies being pushed here in the states. I've got excess amounts of respect for Max!

  6. I assumed the MI's infiltrated B'Cat 'cos of the likes of their Daniel Morgan murder investigative reporting (-effectively or directly by the Metropolitan polizei) being absolutely spot-on. *As in, to infiltrate to both use & break them, as the whim takes them. Whilst giving 'celebrities' PIN numbers to The Sun has ca£h utility, & bullying & blackmail potential, as well as reeling-in footy louts & thick-heads with reading ages of 13yr olds, the MI's surely think more highly of themselves than simply conning fools & mugs.

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