Intel-gate exposed, Nina’s disinfo board ‘paused’ w/ Ray McGovern

Former CIA officer and longtime antiwar activist Ray McGovern joins Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal for a livestream on new revelations of Hillary Clinton’s direct involvement in Russiagate lies, the demise of DHS Minister of Truth Nina Jankowicz, how Bernie Sanders backed a giant giveaway to the arms industry in the form of Ukraine aid, and the latest on the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Written by The Grayzone

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  1. It's quite unfair to call Paul Mason a "British Trotskyist". Did you mean "former Trotskyist"?While he may still be British, he hasn't been a Totskyist for many decades. Indeed he gave up on the working-class as a revolutionary force right after the downfall of the Soviet Union (30 years ago), and calls to defend "the socially liberal society we’ve created through struggle over the past 60 years.' Of course your ignorance of British politics or Trotskyism can partially be excused for your American background. But otherwise, calling Paul Mason a Trotskyist is just plain downright disinformation! I sincerely hope you weren't intentionally trying to deceive your audience.

  2. It's just funny to me how we keep pretending like any of this makes a difference to Hillary voters. Is there a single Hillary voter that would change their vote because of these revelations? Not a single one. Besides, Sussman will walk. 1. His defense is that the FBI knew (everyone knows they did), and 2. the jury is made up of Hillary voters. Hillary voters are not going to lock up HER lawyer.

  3. Finally. Someone comes out with the truth. The FBI knew it was fake and pursued it anyway. Defund the FBI. But still not talking about the real villain. Obama. He also knew it was fake and went along with the hoax. That's why the FBI thought they were untouchable.

  4. love you Ray, hope you and yours are both safe and well

    that being said, I dont vote for anybody except Ron Paul one election, but DJT is worse than Bush 43, worse than Brandon?
    I actively despise the man, like I do pretty much all men that hit on their own daughters ad nauseam, but at bare minimum Justin Raimondo ( RIP ) was right that at least Trump broke the straussian/neocon frame of foreign policy at least somewhat.

  5. The Grayzone is the perfect group of journalists, who know how to get under the skin of the protected class. You ought to start you videos with the classic clip from national lampoon's animal house's Dean Wormer saying, "I hate those guys", referring to you.😉

  6. For such a good journalist Max needs to not take these mass shootings at face value without doing some elemental research. Max, I think you might find those intelligence connivers as integral to many of these events if you dig deeper. Yes, we are a violent nation, but that is also because of the workings of this security state to perpetuate fear and divisiveness in any way they can and that includes these supposed shootings that almost always seem to happen in schools and markets and never target political offices. Buffalo is clearly not what it's claimed to be, and there are elements of Uvalde that smell badly, but it is very difficult to 'prove' or 'disprove' something in which there is no physical evidence for the public to scrutinize at all.

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