Intel on upcoming protests this weekend with Mack from Reclaim the Line

Aussie Cossack goes LIVE with Leader of the Reclaim Movement in Australia known as “Mack”

Written by Aussie Cossack


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  1. Please people educate yourself on preferences. UAP & all parties only give you a recommendation for the parties that are aligned with there beliefs & policies. They are recommending the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS! THEY ARE NOT LIBERAL!!! ONLY YOU CAN GIVE PREFERENCES, NOT THE PARTY. Even when you fill out your ballot you will have to put a number on Liberal/Labor/Greens. YOU PUT THEM LAST. SIMPLE.

  2. I reckon they will use omicron and there new powers for states of emergency locksowns to vote electronically to rig the election. So it won't matter what your vote is.

  3. Make sure you tell me when the protests are on I went to Sydney last Saturday to find it wasn't on. there were others there too. SATURDAY THIS WEEKEND ?? SEE YOU THERE Been to 2 protests in Sydney allready . Keen to fight these criminals running our lives.

  4. This is consistent. Globally. The one force that has created minions and Fox Australia you still have a global threat that never went away. Scott Morrison has changed his tune but he is not acting like a leader. Of you think Scott is bad, Labor and their socialist sings will return Australia to worse as they are following the global.pupppey masters.

  5. Well done boys, thanks for protesting even for people like me who can’t be there. We love what you are doing and admire your tenacity for standing up for our freedom. God bless you all and keep you safe 👏👏👏🇦🇺

  6. You guys are primitive thinkers. You are factional thinkers and freedom fighters. This how African tribes think and how they overthrow a government and then become the same authoritarian regimes. You distort what is national honour, loyalty, patriotism and trust in God means. Then there is your hypocrisy as a vaxxed person. Yes Aussie Cossack is vaxxed. He supports parents that have had their kids vaxxed.

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