Intercept Editor Reveals She Believes Debunked Lies & More

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  1. What about the police who sprayed people with high pressure water tear gas and mace? What motivates the police to treat their fellow citizens who are Earth and Tree Huggers with such malice and intensity? There has been a lot of brainwashing by America's would be oligarchs. Media such as #FauxNoise and the like must be held financially accountable for the damage their lies cause.

  2. In times of woe and despair, I play channels like this 24/7. Healthy? Probably not…but it fights my sense of dread…and lonliness. Keep fighting, and I will as well. ❤

  3. We need to talk to the workers so they have a better understanding that they are getting paid well to dig their grandchildren's graves. Whomever wants to organize a general strike to get the power back to the people, I'm down.

  4. I started supporting THE Intercept nearly at it's beginning. I read it's pages daily and saw it's decline. Although I first thought something was wrong with my reading. Kept sending checks, but with Risen added my disgust became undeniable, but when THE Intercept sent me an unwanted tote bag emblazoned with the logo, my suspicions of total sellout were confirmed and stopped sending checks. What a waste. Too bad Jeremy S. went down the rabbit hole after so long being true investigator.

  5. Funny how right when he starts talking about his numbers being manipulated, my connection dropped. Hmmm, …"They" are working harder to break our connections. People just think its crrappy connections…hell no

  6. Lee was suddenly cut off at the end when he was about to tell what the censors are doing to him us. This distresses me Lee hjs become so much of my life and surely of other lives too..

  7. Anyone who actually watched Mueller present his "report" to the Senate saw a man who appeared to have not read the report himself! Again and again he had to be directed to areas of the report relevant to questions asked by Senators. So, I guess we should not be surprised at fools like this woman simply "feeling" conclusions without evidence.

  8. Besides the specific issue of Russiagate, the overall goal is to break up the Left. All you need to do is raise doubt in the Left about the Left and the progressive momentum slows on a variety of fronts

  9. Leftists have to read the Wall Street Journal and others like it. Yes there is BS in it, but it’s the capitalist class talking to each other, often in frank and revealing ways.

  10. On the topic of how much TYT is in line with the DNC, never forget that TYT was solidly on the side of the DNC in the case of the DNC fraud lawsuit of 2016. TYT's stated stance was that "donations are donations". This was in reference to a lawsuit in which the DNC was being sued for taking donations but not following their own charter in the 2016 primaries in which they claimed to hold free & fair primaries. IOW TYT took the side of cheating voters & taking their donations.

  11. When Trump won the election Ifor one was ecstatic. Not because he won, I hate Trump just as much as his arch enenmy Bill Maher. But because of how Hillary cheated Bernie, how the dnc cheated him, how the super delegates cheated him. The fucking dirty strategies they employed to knee cap him left me sour, and I absolutely hated the idea that shed be rewarded with the presidency, a monumental one at that being the first female president in history. This I found utterly sickening. So yeah, I was one of those progressives that rejoiced when Trump won, albeit shocked and a little nervous knowing a man baby narcissist with no self control noow had all the power. Sketchy for sure, but totally satisfying. Fuck that bitch. Yet, try as I might I couldnt predict the overall effect this would have on a significant portion of the progressive population. They have become twisted shadows of their former selves, no longer able to discern truth, unable to extrapolate data and come to a correct conclusion, bipartisan hacks that once had no party to call home, and now run to the democrats for comfort like a baby and his blanket. They hardly ever see the horrors committed by the dems anymore, many of which Trump Trump’s greatest atrocities. Trump was ironically the least devastating president in my lifetime, and even Noam Chomsky thinks Trump was uniquely evil. The greatest irony of all, Trump was merely a low iq poorly raised childish simpleton. These traits, particularly the low intelligence can masquerade as evil, suchas his overt racism, and with no filter it can be jarring. But it was nothing but a stupid man with insecurity issues. While Hillary, Biden, and the rest of their ilk are truly evil. Smart, but with all of Trumps same hangups, better control and sharply focused. Sure, a dumb dumb for president was risky. But it was still nice to feel the machine jolt from its usual well oiled evil, masterfully scheming psychopathy that I’ve had to endure since my birth. So to all the Noam Chomsky pseudo intellectuals infected by the Trump virus, I still prefer Trump over Biden. I prefer stupid over evil, why the fuck do you prefer evil over stupid? Now thats the real question I was trying to get to in this log winded rant. A long winded rant that felt good to articulate, even if nobody reads this. Final point, Noam Chomsky is wrong, Bill Maher is wrong, Cenk is wrong, Cult of Dusty is wrong, and all the other progressives who have now been broken. RIP, we’ve lost a lot of comrades, and the future for us is looking bleak.