Interest Rates Are Rising

Banks continue to raise their interest rates, increasing the cost of borrowing money. But the cost of borrowing money is still incredibly cheap.


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Written by Heise Says


  1. Once the 10y knocks on 3% door, and we crash the market, watch negative federal rates and sub 1% retail rates with the role out of CBDC and social credit individual rates.

    Then we will see inflation if they can't control it with CBDC and digital wallets, additional property taxes etc

    The last innings

  2. Yes we know house prices are high & are still going up… we all know that ! .. let’s see what happens when rates rise a fir bit ! .. of course that will slow the housing market.. it’s inevitable that house prices will drop when the rate rises have it’s effect !

  3. Really don't care to be honest how far rates rise, haven't had a mortgage for 5 years now I own everything lock stock and barrel. If someone wants to pay overinflated house price that's their business. Tough luck

  4. Good information as allways..!!..To be honest with you in my situation the housing prices are not the biggest problem…The only thing what worries me is an exesive rise in interst rates because we still paying out our mortgage loan and we are on low income…!!!…I'm not…!!!..!!!.. deadly worried about because I have some skills to live in the bush if necessary ..!!..Thank you Florian..!!!!

  5. This however needs to be seen in a broader context. Firstly, the cash reserves of a lot of people are depleted due to Covid 19 lockdowns (especially in Sydney and Melbourne). Secondly, there appears to be a slowing international economy (eg. Evergrande) and the knock on effects to due high levels of international debt, supply chain shortages, etc are yet to be fully felt. The high levels of debt have created bubbles in shares and property which means that rents (yields) at some point will need/ to increase (therefore higher rents). Add to this rising cash rates in other countries (eg. New Zealand) and rising yields on bonds means that commercial funds/ banks will move their money (savings) to where they will get a better rate of return for their funds resulting in the savings pool shrinking (it will be a while before retail investors see the rise at the bank). The net result is an RBA and government with an election looming which is very scared of everything falling apart and are like a deer caught in a car's headlights unable to act. In contrast the banks are protecting their bottom line seeing the writing on the wall and in the process forcing the relevant powers to act.

  6. Sure housing costs more than when our parents bought houses. But we wouldn't be able to buy homes if we couldn't afford it. Banks use a 7-8%, interest rate when judging if we can get the loan.

    We pay a quarter for food that our parents did they weren't even able to buy meat very often. As a kid we would all get excited if we could afford a roast that month.

    Nowadays anyone can afford a roast twice a week if they wanted.

    Things go up because we can afford them. Because other things get cheaper.

  7. its way more than 2.6 percent put the real true interest rate with inflation onto it 5% , that is 7.6% is that not correct but I would say that inflation is higher, and interest rates and inflation is going way higher, people need to start waking up , housing has peaked