Internet catches White House erasing Joe Biden’s gaffe from records

Internet users have caught the White House altering official records after President Joe Biden made a gaffe on camera.

Transcripts have been amended to cover Mr Biden’s blunder reading a teleprompter – in which he said “repeat the line” – instead of saying it a second time.

White House Assistant Press Secretary Emilie Simons insisted Mr Biden said “let me repeat that line”.


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  1. He F**kenosha everything he says. My favorite was his 1 word to describe an American, and that was after he said in the past that "There is nothing special about being an American, no one can define for me what that even means." Doddering Old Fool

  2. These authoritarians, central planners and globalists like biden, rutte, george soros and claus Schwab are so incredibly stupid. They simply have too much money and power but no freakin'' brain. How long will they keep up this fake circus show to accomplish their evil global plans.

  3. This is one of if not the stupidest presidents the USA has ever had and the most corrupt Biden gives the Clinton's a run for their money Biden and his pos son should be in prison not to mention Pelosi and how fucking corrupt this two faced hypocrite is with her and her husband's insider trading they all should be in prison

  4. If he’d just laugh that off and been like “lol, I fucked that up😂” instead of them trying to cover his ass, it would’ve resonated better with people and we would’ve just laughed with him for a few seconds instead of laughed at him and then we would’ve forgot about it 5 mins later.. We all know they read off the teleprompters, it’s not a new thing or a secret?🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  5. He made a mistake reading the teleprompter prompts wrong and they are correcting this? Something so small that they are correcting and making as if didn’t exist. Truly makes me wonder what else is being hidden. Amongst all this crap about hunter sex trafficking women and filming him weighing crack cocaine. All that will get brushed under the rug as well. And here people thought trump was a bad person. At least he spoke his mind and didn’t give a crap what
    People thought. Biden literally has so many people covering anything possibly bad he does or says. So glad I didn’t vote for him.


    Joey sits alone
    on his cardboard throne
    Pretendin' he's a king
    His phony crown
    keeps slippin' down
    a clownish looking thing

    He's a foolish twit
    with a dull wit
    just a puppet on a string
    a China doll
    with a stupid drawl
    that has a empty ring

    He stumbles around
    and soon falls down.
    The fool cannot find his way.
    He flounders about
    like a wounded trout
    til his handlers save the day

    They prop him up
    and wipe his butt
    and tell us everything's fine
    But its pretty clear
    whats happening here
    Joey's lost his damn mind

    Theyll play their game
    without any shame
    and take us all to the brink
    they find it fun
    like a child with a gun
    who never stops to think

    And a day will near
    when we will hear
    about Joey the mad King
    and how many died
    because of foolish pride
    when they followed a childish thing

  7. Even with the estimation that 60% of USA is made out of stupid ppl(that some Americans make) … this man should have not been elected president. Kamala is chomping at the bit to take its place (puppet number 2). ANd even those stupid ppl are not really that stupid. And most of them began to realize what is happening …. Have a great day!

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