Internet FINDS Loads Of Old Tweets From New Twitter CEO After Jack Dorsey Resigns… REAL BAD.


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  1. This is the nature of the Leftist SWAMP. The more you sling, the deeper you get. The only way to get rid of dangerous liberal pathogens: "Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure". E. Ripley

  2. Well, there was a change in Dorky, the beard !! The way he started to talk differently.
    This new guy explains it all.
    Anti white and anti anything that is different than Islam.
    Again, Saudi is behind an awful lot of this madness.
    The sooner sheeple realise this the better.
    Be ready, it'll get messy

  3. They've bought the democraps. They own them.
    They don't own Trump. He'd protect us.
    The democrap party has sold out the people for their own gain.
    They need bringing to justice.
    The people who have been hoodwinked on both sides need to and can fix this.
    The democrap party is corrupt. Vote them out of office. The party could rebuild without the the corruption. Only the people can do this.
    Then we can remove the evil from twitter and other organisations

  4. “Our role is not to be bound by the first amendment”……followed by “healthy” discourse referencing to front their “fair” side ……. social elites masquerading as humanitarians

  5. If I was not Caucasian, living in a majority white country & hated white people but could afford to leave, you know what I’d do?

    Racists are cowards & babies, trying to blame other people’s skin colour for the bad feeling inside their own darkened soul.

  6. His tweet is so ironic, he plays group identity politics, yet more moose-limes have been killed in India than white soup-ram-ace-its ever have. I must have tried more than 10 times to not get my comment deleted, and this is all I could manage.

  7. Ppl like radical fems make me embarrassed for making the first female rushing touchdown in a male high-school varsity football game. These woke people are hurting the minorities they swear to protect. T R UM P W O N!

  8. Immigrant dude who leaves a country with a caste system, systemic corruption, no social welfare system, hospitals that are dangerously dirty, openly corrupt cops, and overt racism towards "others" turns up in America and goes "You can do better America. let me show you how."

    SMFH. Go home, Parag. Your socialism is drunk.

  9. So what, you are preaching to the choir. No one cares, no one will punish him no hint will happen. Stop giving false hope. Something will bring them down, this ain’t it.

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