‘Internet Kill Switches’: Bush-Era Secret Docs Reveal President’s Secret, Unchecked Emergency Powers

🔥 Nanotechnology used in vaccines (and 2,000 Food Items) goes unlabeled 👉


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  1. Like I've said before. There is no left there is no right. There globalist in our Gov't which is nothing but a communist "ON BOTH TEAMS" Time to get rid of the elitist globalist communist families. Not to confuse them with the left or the right screenplay that is always on the stage for the people's entertainment & expense.

  2. They are the very vehicle to a dictatorship. Given the penchant lately to strip our rights “ for the health and welfare of the public”, these are one decision away from a total change in our country.

  3. The US Constitution was written to keep the people in charge via a Republican (not the party) form of government (not raw democracy, which is mob rule). All these special powers are to keep the people from throwing the current leaders out on their ear! That could be construed as treason against the Constitution!

  4. When something is deemed a National emergency, why is it the the first move is to limit the freedoms of the people.
    These snake head politicians are always looking for a reason to place a boot on our necks.
    Thank God for our 2A

  5. To share my comment as asked It is not right to have such a power what is secretive and not shared with congress and people. The president if he happens to be on the wrong side, the one world empire and one world government and the breeding of a new breed agenda of the luciferic elit, this would mean a terror state and terror world or a great civil war against government and governments all over the globe what would be righteous, justified, inevitable and destined to win according to revelations God gave to his prophets His servants

  6. If you let the American people know keep in mind that our enemies will know at the same time. It all depends on the character of the person in office, and in the case of the Biden Admin, EVIL.

  7. Considering that the placeholder (fjb) is being run by obama and the Marxist this is beyond scary. The reality is that they would utilize these options to secure their power rather than for the best interest of We The People. Sociopaths and Psychopaths have no limits as to what they will do to retain power.

  8. I think that Donald Trump has the power to act accordingly because it is a proven fact that there is a state of emergency for global government and empire inward and outward attack on the USA. I think this is also more than likely to happen even in this year with the law abiding part of the military, some militaries. What Bush and Obama and the Clintons wanted to use to harm might be a way of salvation for us with the president. Nevertheless, the powers if this act needs to be known.

  9. Reflecting back on my voting for Bush in two elections, it was either him or the alternatives- Gore and Kerry. It doesn't matter who eventually gets in-it's the people that welcome them into their new digs, and are already there, that are really pulling the strings.

  10. You know that Presidents like Bush and Biden that are each pushing the One World Order, are incorporating these secret powers to make it much easier to overthrow our government thru these secret powers. Basically, they would take away guns, human rights, use any and all surveillance techniques for martial law control, travel restrictions, mandatory injections, etc. The changes would be initially called temporary but would actually be permanent.

  11. Yep there should be a committee in Congress with clearance to review these docs. The President’s clearance isn’t even that high in the first place. Presidents aren’t briefed on tons of TS Special Access programs. As an aside, if we get converted to a “digital dollar” then you can bet there will be the right to turn your money off along with your internet.

  12. When these Government officials take the oath to uphold the Constitution against enemies for and domestic and then do anything to violate that oath they should be hung by the neck till they are dead. If the people would hold these tyrants accountable this way we the people would have so much more freedom. “Give me freedom or give me death”.

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