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Written by Sabby Sabs


  1. Biden’s campaign slogan should have been the “YOU’RE NOTHING” he allegedly uttered to his former Senate Office Staffer Tara Reade as he forcibly digitally penetrated her in a corridor.

    Credible allegations to anyone who bothers listening to the account.

    Sometimes humour can bring us (left and right) together.

    Working people have more in common on the bread and butter issues.

  2. The true radicals are in power undermining the constitution and due process as they criminalise and imprison truth-tellers and humanitarians while rewarding the corrupt. 

    Journalists like Assange are accused by the apparatus of espionage while the actual war criminals and profiteers (War Pigs) are pardoned or given posts in high office. 

    True conservatives respect the constitution, just law and human rights above sociopathic corporate interests (the forces of death).

  3. Kyle didnt have a problem with actual sexism when Cenks manifesto about women (the one that caused him to be booted from Justice Democrats). He resigned JD to defend his sugar daddy

  4. I wonder how this will affect Kyle going forward…
    He really shit on Jimmy…..
    Jimmy's hurt and anger are totally justified but I would love for Kyle to think again and apologize…

  5. Ha ha, Jimmy, the mostly one man show is really going for it, and doing well.
    While he seems to take some of this personal stuff a bit too seriously, he's an honest guy, and if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't see this depth of opening up stuff with TYT and Aaron. So weird that TYT is essentially being paid actors, was not as obvious, but now, wow??
    Truth should stay the foundation amongst this group for them to stay true to themselves and Journalism. So regardless of personal stuff, let's not let Russia gate & Syria OPCW fake news get forgotten about due to TYT.
    Jimmy is exposing this 110%, and brings Aaron on for details & feedback.
    Would be nice to hear TYTs side, but they don't want to address the journalism points with Aaron

  6. I'm all for the states trying for medicare for all. We are a Republic, lets use that to our advantage. People will move to states with medicare for all and a decent minimum wage.

  7. Hey, Maddow is funny, by accident, but still. But seriously, Jimmy is FUNNY, truthful and tenacious. I LOVE that he is self deprecating. It's a great position to come from in news. Rogan is the same way. They don't claim to know everything. They are open minded and ask questions on stuff they need to know more about. We all learn from that.

  8. I can imagine it's hard for African Americans to see what Obama really is. A lady I worked with one day asked me about my heroes. 3 out of 5 were African American, none of them were Obama. She asked me why. I said, I voted for him twice. He facilitated the death of Gaddafi and destroyed the African nation of Libya to the point where they have slave trading in the streets. She collapsed into her chair and put her head in her hands. She said I wish you hadn't told me that, I'm sick to my stomach. As I'm typing this there are tears in my eyes. I could feel her pain. I still can.

  9. What Jimmy is saying is, until we can all sit down at a table and find common ground we will be held DOWN. I would LOVE to argue gun rights against Jimmy.

  10. "if Kyle saw me push an old lady out of the way of a moving bus, Kyle would report it 'Jimmy Dore throws an old lady down on the street!'" ROFL

    Leave it to Jimmy to fill dead air with a knockout punch hahaha

  11. I would suggest AGAIN, that not only do we hold our votes, but that we hold our dollars. Stay with me on this. I BUY USED, USED, USED. Yep and I say it proudly. Think about it. Corporations and banks own our politicians. We have to hurt THEM. The only way to do it, is SLOW your spending to a trickle. Lets talk about banking. I needed some work done on my house for insurance purposes. I was forced to spend money I didn't have, but what I do have is a VERY HIGH CREDIT SCORE. I'm not bragging, it's just a useful tool, so I charged the work and immediately rolled the bill over to a zero percent card. For a few of under $100, I have FREE CREDIT DEBT FOR 18 months. Don't have a good credit score? What about community banking. Churches are doing it and other organizations need to start doing it too. There is also a Christian medical care club. Not insurance, but funds medical care. What about community projects where you get together and do things together. Tool shares. Teach someone how to sew or some other skill. We have to USE our CREATIVE BRAINS to SCREW the owners of the country. When you're in an abusive relationship asking for the abuse to stop doesn't work. I would call what we are in, an abusive relationship. We need to walk away.

  12. Good interview. One constructive advice, please focus on the interviewee and his comments as a way to stay engaged and flow with interview.

    Focusing on comments during the Livestream while doing the interview disconnects you from the actual interview (distracted by comments from viewers versus responding directly to interviewee).

  13. One of humanity’s biggest problems is that most people want a simple and easy (for them) position on an issue so they can pick a side and move on. Jimmy does the nuances and realizes one must bring people together issue by issue and that hardening the “sides” just leaves us stuck in opposing “trenches” like the armies in WW1 …unable to move forward.

  14. A quick Canadian word after watching the first two minutes, with you two mentioning Washington State people trying for M4A for the State – that is exactly how it started up here – in the province of Saskatchewan first, and that provided the momentum for the rest of the provinces to create similar plans later ! Hope that helps your march !!!!!!!