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Written by Sabby Sabs


  1. I guess I'm sorta lucky I moved to Oklahoma when I was Highschool age and I had to take Oklahoma History and the teacher was a Ph.D. in Oklahoma History and she didn't shy away from the Tulsa massacre. She also talked in detail about atrocities involving the Indigenous peoples that were forced into the area.

    I became an activist during the Vietnam war at Stanford University and we had marches, sit in's, rallies every single day. Joan Baez would come for open air concerts.
    We hosted the Black Panthers who were super active in the area, providing help to the poor.

  3. If you're enamored with "black wallstreet" in 2021, that's basically an admission that you have no clue what's going on in this country… "wall streets" creates wealth, out of poverty. It literally grinds poor people of ALL colors up, to produce some digits… "black wallstreet" made SOME black people SOME money. And yes, the CIA and the FBI worked very hard to destroy it, to maintain their monopoly. Because this is what CRAPITALISTS do. That shit ain't revolutionary. Quite the opposite actually.
    When you try and replicate evil in your own image, all you're doing is creating more evil with a different mask that will confuse those that are not paying attention. Is this really that complicated for Americans?
    I'm on the left, anti-racism, anti-corporatism, anti-imperialism, but I refuse to pretend "black wallstreet" was a step away from the disgusting corruption that is America…end of. And I think it's beyond sad that Lee Camp is too afraid of black people to say any of this, even tho he knows it's true. CRAPITALISM is not a problem because white people currently run it… it's a problem because it's psychopathic, it's openly fascist and anti-LIFE–human, animal, plant. FULL STOP.
    Be fucking better than what you claim to oppose….hello??

  4. Great questions Sabrina. Lee is a great guest. He tends to yell too much on his show, I think, although it does not bother me. This interview emphasized much more of his calm and thoughtful side. That makes it really good!

  5. Jimmy Dore brought me to this channel Sabby and i love it i love Lee Camp too. I live in Australian so i'm off to bed but will watch more of your videos tomorrow keep up the great work.

  6. The push to remove black history, as the truth about it is not the wonderful country we were told about, otherwise. My mentor was a black man who saved my life literally. I lived in orphanages, and was very confused when I left at 18. I was the only white kid willing to work for a black contractor. Nathan was Supervisor. My coworkers were black, we became friends. Nathan helped us all.

  7. True history does not fit the America Positive narrative we are supposed to be spoonfed. It is absurd that Americans have to become semi-historians in their own right to learn real US history our schools won't teach us.

  8. @31:50 here is where you go wrong . Corporatism is NOT Capitalism , Kleptocracy is NOT Capitalism . All you do is give cover to the crooks by using their own propaganda words . Most in america are economic illiterate . They think Capitalism is good & we mostly have it . WE DON'T , please know the difference & stop covering for the Corporatist ( crooks ) , by calling them Capitalist , they are NOT !! We have not had Capitalism for well over 100 yrs .

  9. Keep doing what you do @Sabby Sab. WE need you! I'm a new follower and respect your work. Thank you for doing the work to bring us the FACTS and respectfully sharing your perspective on the issues. ✌?

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