Interview with Lipid Nanoparticle Specialist and mRNA Project Manager

For the avoidance of doubt, this interview is presented, where applicable, as a counterveiling expert view and always comes with our strong recommendation to get vaccinated and/or boosted for Covid-19 as soon as possible, because those vaccines are safe and effective at reducing serious illness and death, per the World Health Organisation.

Please follow the guidance of your government in receiving whatever number and whatever frequency of doses that they recommend, without hesitation, to keep us all safe.

‘Staying apart keeps us together’.


Watch the full, uncensored interview at:

We discussed:

Lipid nanoparticles (LNP)
The structure of an LNP
Mass manufacturing LNPs
Zeta potential of LNPs leading to leakage into the vascular system and the heart
Are lipid nanoparticles safe?
The Ostwald effect on lipids
How to cause clots and aneurysms
Dying suddenly in the absence of metals means lipid growth
Why harms were immediately obvious years ago
Fibrin, protease reactions and photos of rapid clotting
Claims from morticians of long, stringy clots
Photos of branching clots in lungs
Why clots are only associated with AstraZeneca and not Pfizer
Excess of negatively charged mRNA resulting in clots
CDC issues new warning advisory for clots
Why adverse reactions are rare
‘Death batches’ and TGA (Aust) FOI releases showing fragments of junk mRNA
How cold chain transport of mRNA vaccines works
How to make a vaccine
Protein misfolding in the lab and in the body
What is the definition of ‘vaccine’?
Genetic therapeutics
How do our cells know when to stop producing spike protein?
Finding spike protein around the body
Gaslighting women over disruptions to their menstrual cycles
Japanese FOI data on lipids concentrating in organs
Cardiac myocytes that take up lipids
How the vaccine rollout could have been done better
Steel-manning the other side
Extrapolating LNP damage into the future
Linearised DNA (helix straightened) that could cause long term impacts
Lean body composition associated with higher risk of inflammation response
Distinguishing Long Covid from vaccine injury
‘The spawning pit of degradation’
‘The amygdala of the internet’
Malfeasance and culture inside Big Pharma
Silencing of scientists
The Fauci emails
Directed evolution and the Pfizer leaks
Is Chinese CCP propaganda correct for once?
Confirmation bias, self reflection and epistemological inquiry
Comparing the scientific honesty of both sides
How does science progress if it won’t question itself?
Hope for the future of medicine

Watch the full, uncensored interview at:

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  1. This is approaching Third Reich level of crimes against humanity. Unfortunately the rats aren’t leaving the ship, they’re all the captain, frantically steering us into a naval mine field to take our attention away from the giant iceberg we just hit.

  2. Finally a real discussion about this dangerous global experiment.. It's sad that 90 percent of your audience can follow what she's saying yet there's still a tendency for scientists to feel like they need to dumb it down for us. Some of us even have access to scientific papers through a friend's university account, and we are tired of getting told "you can't name a single paper to support…". It's a way of bluffing, where they shut down debate because they assume we don't have access to the data. The fact we need to compare official government statistics with insurance provider statistics, who don't have a financial incentive to lie, tells us how corrupt or broken this system is.

  3. But dictator dan has just told the State of Victoria that people should take the 5th booster (yes the 5th booster) and the moron has still enforced mandates for emergency service personnel. He can run, but aint nowhere to hide.

  4. A censored Belgian psych academic & author has predict the brainwashed jabbed injured may take revenge on individuals who knowingly did harm for greed. He warned pure bloods to stay away when the chaos occurs.

  5. Rude awakening for so many 💔, were going to have to buckle up, their going to need everyone's support, as that lady said "you better get comfortable being uncomfortable" 👏👏👏, we the people are. Truth and love for HUMANITY.

  6. The bad batches are a thing. I personally know a couple who made the, in hindsight, risky decision to go and get their jabs at the same time. One got myocarditis, the other pericarditis. They later found out that there were over 500 serious adverse events reported from that batch.

    The question is, are the "bad" batches where the mRNA is damaged, or are the "bad" batches where more of it is intact? That the adverse events disproportionately effect very fit people and young males with high metabolisms would seem to indicate the latter, as that would result in much more spike protein being produced, perhaps orders of magnitude more. It all seems like a hugely reckless delivery system in that there are so many uncontrolled variables that effect the eventual dose received that there is no way to be sure of the dose at all. You might get little to none, or you might get huge amounts, or your body might just never stop producing it, or produce it for extended periods of time. People are still claiming that this is somehow "safe" (such as Dan Andrews (spit)).

  7. Jesus Christ what is with the beeping !! You tube censoring what b/shit … so we show disgusting madonna talking about licking butt holes ..but dont say covid vaccines!!

  8. Can't thank the both of you enough. Matt I've been listening to you for a while now and this one really was EXCELLENT, been reading subs and watching a few interviews of hers and, well, this simply put all the pieces of those talks and subs into a fluent "like water" easy digestible flow. What a woman. Thanks Christie, respect mate. Ripper episode.

    Watched is in recovery this morning at the Epworth Richmond after spinal surgery………. Thank god for science and medicine!!! So easy to forget how lucky we are in such dark medical times.

  9. I got a text message today from WA Health telling me ATAGI is recommending that everyone over 18 gets the fifth booster. I went and read ATAGI's report and I haven't simmered down yet from the white hot anger it triggered .
    When are these fake custodians of our health going to stop abusing their position? And when are they going to answer for their crimes?

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