Interview with Matt Kennard: Conflicts of Interest in the Julian Assange Case

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In this video we interview independent journalist and head of investigations of Declassified UK, Matt Kennard. Kennard discusses his impression of Julian Assange’s extradition hearings and the strict measures placed on those attending via the public gallery. Kennard, who has conducted several investigations into the conflicts of interest in the case as well as the legal irregularities, discusses his own work.

(Note: This video was filmed on Thursday September 24, 2020)

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Julian Assange:
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Written by acTVism Munich


  1. The judge has conflicts of intrest all over the place. The citizens of the uk must be so proud. Assange along with their pedi Royals . You can always count on the UK to be on the wrong side of history .

  2. new evidence shows trump ordered attack on beirut for israel one month ago.please share/tr3b's caught in beirut explosion/ triangle spacecraft-600ft corner to corner-pulse beam weapons[as used to drop towers to dust on 9/11]what now america?do we always attack those that can't defend themselves?only israel finds more joy in slaughtering the helpless

  3. The British have no qualms about locking up innocent men. Look up the Guilford Four or the Birmingham Six. 10 innocent men that they admit they knew were innocent but just locked them up anyway.

  4. as a US citizen, i feel obliged to apologize for my government. amerika has zero authority (maybe less) to prosecute assange. he is not a US citizen, nor was he on US soil when any alleged crimes occurred. planet earth is not owned by the US government, contrary to what it thinks.

  5. If Julian assigns commit suicide he will become a martyr and the carnage for the international governments will be massive matter what JULIAN will be the winner and WikiLeaks will have venom and their veins forever there will be hell to pay for the English government.

  6. Free Assange! He is an hero! Criminals are walking free. The UK system is broken, needs a reboot! Why is UK, involved? JA is an Australian citizen. What is Australia doing for its citizen? NOTHING!

  7. What a whinging twerp of a journalist, What on earth did he expect to find a front row luxury seat with champagne on tap. Having read this guys wiki page his does not seem to be that much of a journalist. The fact of the case is Assange DID choose to release thousands of US military classified documents and in doing so he must have know the Americans would try (quite correctly) to bring him to their justice, Assange is the arbiter of his own circumstances. If he had not released those papers the US would not be after him. If he had not rub away from Swedish justice even if he had been found guilty of those two sexual assault charges be a free man now. If he had not broken UK law he would be a free man now. IF he had not been a coward for 7 years hiding in an Embassy whose staff had started to loath and hate him he would be a free man now. Imagine where he would be if he had released Russian, Chinese or North Korean military secrets.

  8. So let's not put the corrupt leaders that lied us into war in Jail but the journalist that exposed the corruption ! Any media outlet that does not cover this does not actually care of freedom of speech !!! Free Julian Assange now !!!

  9. Julian is an Australian and our corrupt government in our country has done nothing to help him. They will never help him, just happy to let him be thrown to wolves as our country is run by facists

  10. Les Présidents qui prêtent serment sur la Bible devraient réfléchir et peut être craindre le châtiment du Divin, pour vouloir "la peau" d un homme qui porte en son nom la signature de l ange, et alors même que les "eaux sales" de leurs actions dans le monde ont été révélées à toute la planète…

  11. ✨? For the Love Of God, Man & Mercy on the grounds of human compassion RELEASE JULIAN ASSANGE To Total FREEDOM ❣️?this current Torturous Illegal Immoral imprisonments Immediately‼️‼️‼️

  12. Most US folks are very supportive of Julian, the Deep State seems his biggest opponents. Trump is a businessman, probably want give up leverage without a major concession.

  13. Thank you, Taylor Hudak, Actvism Munich and Matt Kennard, Declassified UK for explaining this exposure of malfeasance and injustice. As Matt mentions, this is just one aspect of this case, that if the legacy media chose to expose, would result in the hearing being adjourned and Julian set free.