INVESTIGATION: Fauci Funds Wuhan Lab Group, Ignores NIH Warning | Counter Points with Ryan and Emily

Ryan Grim investigates the grant by Dr. Fauci to EcoHealth Alliance after the NIH rescinded funding tied to their research in the Wuhan lab

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  1. When they say we learned nothing from this pandemic I think that's not true. They learned all they need to know to try for a second run 5-10 years down the line.

  2. I’m no scientist but isn’t having a Level 4 biological research laboratory near a city of 11 million people a terrible idea? Do your mad scientist act in the desert somewhere so you only kill yourself and the other nerds working there.

  3. "Crisis reduces our analysis of a situation to one question which is 'What went wrong?', so that catastrophic events are seen as the result of errors or aberrations from the normal operation of things, and directs our analysis away from daily normative practices and processes that bring about those events."

  4. Even discussing the possibility of the wuhan lab leak would get you labelled as a racist or a conspiracist theorist on twitter or facebook and you could be banned. Pure insanity how you aren't able to talk about this when it's affected us all to a great degree in our lives.

  5. Ryan Ryan Ryan….bowing down to your masters once again. I get it…money talks. I would believe this segment, had I not heard your opposing views for over a year on the Hill. Goodbye Breaking Points

  6. The tiny number of virologists willing to take money and put their credibility on the line by saying that the impossibly perfect sudden mutation of the bat virus which added the exact 12 genes needed to attach to the human ACE2 receptor, and a new cleavage site, could have happened in nature, and is more likely than the lab leak, are simply lying for profit. The mere fact that the first three hospitalized cases were WIV employees, and they were hospitalized a month before the woman who allegedly spread COVID-19 at the market, is really all anyone needs to know to consider what scenario is most likely.

  7. well china sure as a copy of that data. but they would demand a huge bounty for giving that away.

    but think about the mentality of the boy and his forgotten laptop. probably the data has been sitting all the time in eyesight of the FBi, but was taboo like everything around the noble cabal.

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