Investigation Finds Corporate Diversity Training “Privilege Walk” Has Roots In Cult Offshoot

Associate professor, Christian Parenti, breaks down the ‘privilege walk.’

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  1. "Unity" geographical concordance +. – .
    If you can, solve the riddle with the correct location. Then try to imagine how our current unit of measurement and standard English language divinely created by God, a long long time ago, just waiting for today's solution of UNITY.

  2. Marcuse was a weird and self indulgent, bourgeois, arm chair Marxist (that last category should be considered oxymoronic), completely disconnected, insulated, contemptuously elitist, theory bound, wittingly or not malevolent clown. He was, among other things, a Stalin apologist. I would recommend Erich Fromm from critical theorists (I was a leftist for many decades before turning more conservative and always preferred Fromm) who had choice words (strong, on point criticisms) for both Marcuse and Stalin.

  3. These movements are of self indulgent, upper class academics, as their navel gazing methodology and obsession with feelings indicates. Their methods are an unacknowledged effecting of class hegemony of their own, completely gentrifying Left movements and dividing the working classes with racial and other group politics, establishing bourgeois academics as the moral authorities of society and high priesthood of the woke religion, defining such rarefied social psychological theorizing and analysis as the most important skills one could have and making necessary to be a sociologist to know what constitutes proper moral conduct. The inherent divisiveness of the philosophy and methodology works to that end as well.
    Hence, common people and workers must have permission and guidance of bourgeois academics to act or think and are not the leaders but necessarily the followers in such a movement and workers who drink that Kool-Aid are antagonistically divided by every possibly imaginable category, race, gender, sexuality, etc. but NOT class, which is largely avoided in discussion to divert from the paradoxical power relationships in the movement that are antithetical to the ostensible or stated philosophy of it.

  4. Wow, I did this and it was a training that was performed someone from the department of public health. The training was called “social determinants of health”.

  5. I just found a version The Privilege Walk and tried it out. I think it's a good way of opening up a frank discussion. It does not belong in K-12 or the workplace. College and similar settings could be good for doing this. The PROBLEM is that people feel they can't speak freely about the experience. But it isn't inherently propagandistic. .

  6. Smh….not critics, industrial psychologists who design these training, position matching, etc….anything with counseling or therapeutic in the work place, is industrial psychology. Smh…

  7. I'm tired of the left being so divisive. Occupy was a real threat to the establishment so it was destroyed. Occupy was inclusive. Identity based politics is divisive by nature. That is why the elites push identity politics. To keep the left weak and divided

    To all the 'woke'
    You are manipulated into making enemies of those who should be your allies! By doing so you cut off your movements legs and will get nothing!

  8. I'm really starting to think our own Government agencies are behind this and that they're galvanizing the left to feel justified when or should they execute a military coup in 2024.

  9. It feels like Scientology and it's insanity has infiltrated society at large. Shutting down any discourse that pushes back against them and trying to publicly out their detractors. They still don't pay taxes btw as a clearly for profit business, kinda like most fortune 500 companies skirt the rules for taxes or just make up their own via lobbyists to avoid paying their fair share.

  10. Good segment. Tossing around novel sounding intellectual ideas without any moral grounding is a profitable Am habit. However, “moral grounding”(…incl. with historic quotes) is the reliable root which allows the tree of ideas to SAFELY/FRUITFULLY branch out in limitless directions. I’m sick’ah snake oil salesman who simply shuffle ideas, provocative phrases, thought flatulence and lengthy books around without any “true north moral compass”. …Phew!!! 🤧
    PS) Churchill said Am’s will try any ____ before they face and solve actual problems. <True?

  11. The problem in many of the Human Resource departments is if they don't play these kinds of games then some "group" will accuse the entire company of racism or bigotry. Companies don't want to be labeled so they place play the game and we as a society suffer…meanwhile, these companies offering such programs get rich.

  12. Yadda, yadda, yadda.
    People with money and power telling people without money and power how to act, what to feel, and think.

    This is NOT, I repeat NOT a difficult problem to fix or address. But that's not really the goal here.

    I love when "intellectuals" get together to show one another how smart they are and what profound thinkers they have become. 😒🙄
    Let's see how complicated we can make a problem so people can be astounded by our effort to fix it.

  13. I don't agree with the concept of identity walk but for an exercise it seems more impactful to have the privileged step backwards instead of forward. We are ingrained to think that you are winning if you are ahead. This would cause more divide for the underprivileged to look at the backs of the people in front. Instead have the privileged step back giving them the sense that they need to do something to make up being in the back. The fact that this is not the case makes me really question their actual intentions

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