Investigative journalist Harry Vox warns against coming lockdowns & quarantines…in 2014

Harry Vox warned us this was coming in 2014, & we sat around twiddling our thumbs & believing there’s no way our warm fuzzy overlords could have such ill intentions. it’s 2020 now – are you listening?
(get more at, not to be confused with the slimy slithering scumbags who cuddle up to the Rockefeller Foundation itself)

Written by Helen of Destroy


  1. He reads the agenda right off the Rockerfeller Foundation Document back in 2014. The level of detail written in 2010, compared to exactly what is happening NOW in 2020, is SURREAL. Like it’s been planned all along.

  2. When he speaks about a world that's coming at the 11:50 mark, well it's here now. The psychopaths who run the world plan these things decades ahead of time. Just like none of the criminals responsible were ever prosecuted for nine eleven, the ones for this pandemic won't be either. Or for the next even more deadly one and the one after that. They want us to live in fear of everything and now they got it. I'm actually glad I don't have that much more time left here and I hope I won't have to come back to this prison planet ever again.

  3. Plenty of people are reading this document now. I read it recently only a few days ago… It is interesting that they are using philosophical thought experienments and these are indeed a useful tool in philosophy! Usually they are highly imaginative. However how they are being used here is dark to say the least…

  4. @helen of destroy thanks for answering me about needing a doctors note on your recent deleted video…I am not ready to live off grid yet, so I am trying to keep my job. I must be able to show it to any county or state official according to our corporate office. What are American citizen rights when it comes to endangering our health because the sheeple are scared to see us not wearing our masks. My job is high paced and I work 9 to 10 hours a day. I refuse to get a vaccine because I don't believe they are safe.


    – In 2005 deep state operatives had a meeting in the City of London and said "China will catch a cold".

    *There is planned to be a covert release of biological weapons. These will initially be targeted against the Chinese. As our source chillingly told us, "China will catch a cold". Biological warfare will spread further, to the west. Infrastructure will be critically weakened.

    – December 21, 2001 – Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, Scamdemic planned since China was awarded WTO most favored nation status while Clinton was in office

    The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) is a public health act originally drafted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to aid the United States' state legislatures in revising their public health laws to control epidemics and respond to bioterrorism.

    – The Rockefeller Foundation commissioned a blueprint for a pandemic which paper was published in 2010.

    – Project G-2101, 2014 : Pentagon biolab discovered MERS and SARS-like coronaviruses in bats.

    – Investigative journalist Harry Vox warns against coming lockdowns & quarantines…in 2014

    – Bill Gates predicted in 2015 the event that today is proving catastrophic.

    – The Naval War College ran a Pandemic War Game last September 2019.

    – In October 2019 there was a Pandemic exercise Event 201, the military games in Wuhan were also held in October 18-27 (10 days).

  6. I think there will more 'outbreaks' this fall in October – November. They will not give up until they have full control. Be prepared because they will attack the food supply. Everything that is happening is Biblical. PRAY!