Investigators Retrieve Kid P0rns Hunter Biden Tried to Delete On Laptop



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  1. If and I mean "IF" he was ever indicted and sentenced he would get a sweetheart deal of some kind of mental health institution for 6 months and that would be that. Even this outcome is to much to expect in the corrupt world we live in now. The DA in whatever cesspool democrat run area will simply refuse to press charges.

  2. We already know all this it's old news the question is the same as for the Clintons will they ever be held accountable and none of the leftist lizard people ever are held to account for any of their sick and illegal doings….ever…Now with rigged elections we can't even vote them out of power so there is that.

  3. Just wondering how many of you got the random texts with the picture of hunter half naked being led by the hand by a small blonde child in red lingerie right after the election was stolen?

  4. You just know the spin doctors are working overtime on this. I predict the statement will go something like this : "After Hunter lost his brother Beau, who died, to death, for real, so sad. Anyway where was I, oh yeah, it's all Trumps fault!"

  5. I’m always shocked that people are shocked that people in high ranking positions have these kinds of skeletons… Marquis de Sade was exposing this type of thing in the 1790’s… it’s ALWAYS been typical.

  6. Journalistic fraud colluding with big tech censoring the truth about Biden crime family. Lying media colluded to overthrow our government and successfully did. 10 percent for the big guy.

  7. Sorry about ur back hurting so bad I feel ur pain, for real. Thanks for still reporting, now go rest. Good luck with ur back. Thx again. Well where’s Wiener’s laptop they have been hiding for years that contains Killary and Huma and other stuff that made the NYC police sick and a lot of those cops are dead now. This should be outted too

  8. After your back gets better – you may/not want to look at ways to decompress (like hang upside down). It helps by (temporarily) taking pressure off of the discs and help with alignment.
    When my situation was different – I used to: hang upside down … using a yoga swing … that was hanging from a 'doorway pull-up bar' (didn't req drilling into studs) … Felt so good on the spine/back!

  9. I always thought justice was blind, meaning applied equally to EVERYONE, but this proves that if you have the right last name any investigations will take that into consideration. It should not matter a single bit that he is the Potato's son. What was on the laptop would have gotten a thorough investigation if it had belonged to anyone else. Take politics out of it and old Hunter would have been in deep doodoo along with the "big guy" and his 10 percent. Politics and justice never mix unless justice is served to politicians equally with everyone else. Very disturbed over Barr's lack of doing his job only because of who Hunter is and it being an election year. Justice does not care justice demands accountability from everyone equally every time and in a timely fashion.

  10. Didn't Hunter admit it was his laptop in the primetime interview he did after the tater "won"?😉 Honestly its been so long I can't remember. 🤣🤣

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