IOTP Preview: America Will Surrender to the Inflating Monster!

This is an edited version of our latest show over on In The Interests Of The People.

In the past few shows, Adams and North have documented that several governments and central banks have already surrendered to the inflation monster – including the Bank of Japan, the ECB and the Bank of England.

Adams noted that it was a matter of time until US Federal Reserve surrenders as well – despite their tough talk of fighting inflation and tightening monetary policy.

If we cast our mind back over the past two years and we see a Fed Chairman either who has been lying or has no idea what he is doing.

The US now finds itself officially in recession (which will be confirmed in the coming weeks) with the prospect of raging inflation (no peak in sight). The US Federal Reserve is expected to tighten monetary policy into a recession – a prospect now seen since 1974.

The fight to combat inflation in 2022 is a greater task than 1974 and the US Federal Reserve has less wiggle room because the current debt bubble.

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  1. Face it, the Fed wants / needs insane levels of inflation to justify the CDC. The Convid Plandemic with draconian levels of government control was the gateway for central banks to pump worthless fiat resulting in a fiat currency death. The governments answer ? more control via CDC.

  2. If this were to get worse, as it should, every country would buy each others resources in the currency of the nation selling. Watch these big industry pigs fall

  3. I don't get the argument. Inflation is already driving the USA into recession. Ongoing inflation will just continue that trend. Printing money in an attempt to stave off inflation will probably result in higher inflation again. Fed has really painted itself into a corner. But ongoing high inflation will wipe out 100% of the people but high interest rates will wipe out a smaller group I suspect they will sacrifice the smaller group.

  4. Prices increase, and people stop buying. I don't know if it is good for the economy. But I don't think the RBA will raise the cash rate so high. Hope.

  5. So please tell me! What happens if central banks surrender to inflation and choose not to fight it? Obviously I realise skyrocketing prices on everything but does it save “the markets” or do they themselves end up having catastrophic crashes?

  6. The Repo (Repurchase Agreement) market failure on September 17th, 2019 was a huge indicator of what is happening, yet no one talks about it. The crash was bailed-out and then bolstered by the Fed Reserve and covered-over by a manufactured global health crisis.
    All of this fast money is going somewhere, including the $10's of billions sent to the Ukraine war machine. Essentially monies siphoned/stolen by the rich to line their pockets with gold, arms and security for the coming depression- NOT recession, depression.
    Meanwhile, you'll own nothing and be happy.

  7. Martin, they are inflating the debt away. Transitory, temporary, they will call the inflation anything they have to get the public to pay it and not panic. Last year US were filling plastic bags with gasoline when they thought fuel crisis was coming, now it's here and they do nothing because it's expensive. If the public figures out that inflation is here to stay, and that the government can't let the bond yields rise because the government has too much debt, people might switch investments and have a crazy stock market outcome. People are silly panicky animals. Commodity futures have been doing well in the energy crisis for months, Tech stocks and s n P not so much (heavily weighted in tech) because tech does horrible in high inflation and rising rates. The 10 trillion printed and bad policy did this. All the democrats can do is misdirect. Blame Putin, claim it's transitory etc. This guy you had on is catching on. I bet they will not open the money printers because that leads to hyperinflation. Therefore, we must be told lies to stop us panicking whilst we are forced to pay the 30 trillion off however slow we can. The Fed is all out of options. Raise taxes -riots. Cut spending -riots. Inflation is the fairest tax or option.

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