IOTP Preview: Australians must fight in the new Orwellian Horror!

This is an edited version of the latest Adams/North discussion released in full on In The Interests Of The People.

This week the RBA made international headlines by declaring a research project into crypto currencies.

The Digital Finance Cooperative Research Centre (DFCRC) on a research project to explore use cases for a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in Australia.

The RBA announce coincides with the announcement by the Senate Select Committee on Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre.

Australians need to ensure that the RBA and the Federal Parliament does not impose totalitarian control through the Central Bank Digital Currency.

Australia is headed down a path with little democratic consent and there is a lot of uncertainty were public policy is going in Australia.

There is a possibility that CBDCs will improve economic life in Australia, but there is also a possibility that it may not.

The RBA cannot be allowed to alter economic life in Australia without a democratic mandate. The Prime Minister and Treasurer need to explain why CBDCs are being developed in Australia and what is the public policy case.

The Australian people must ensure that physical cash is never eliminated and that freedom and privacy remains the corner stone of Australia’s payment system and economic life.

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  1. After 20 years probably 25 I’m tired.I just do gold and silver now.the world can do what it likes.if you’re hungry I will feed you ..if you want war I will arm you.if you want peace you will find it within.

  2. I don't think the people will ever be included in the International decision making for Australia. The dominoes are lined up and the people will fall off the financial cliff before they open their eyes enough to see they are being played.

  3. I truly hope this is a dismal fail. I see it as purely a means of control of the population. I cannot believe how far down the toilet this country has gone.

  4. Govts (and their central banks) can't be trusted. They will just create more CBDC units whenever they need more buying power – ie. they will steal our savings by inflation, just like they do now. I will ignore all their "look how convenient/safe this will be" crap – it will just be another currency for them to debase.

  5. The decision has already been made. The digital currency has already been tested and ready to be implemented. We are the last to know but I can say I've known about this for at least two years and I've only really started to dive into the financial manipulation of world wide central banks. The RBA doesn't call the shots any more than our PM does.

  6. They will use the same old stategy.
    1. Powers meet and share their agendas for total control, remember frame is everything, the masses must believe it is for their own good
    2. Politically position
    3. Remove the core foundations that keep the system strong, push it to the edge
    4. Trigger the crisis
    5. While everyone is in state of shock, running around trying to figure out what the hell is going on, ram the carefully designed "Solution" through.
    6. Media glorifies the "solution" to quickly adopt by the masses and avoid public rejection.
    7. New normal, we aren't going back to the old ways

    CBDC's will be no different. They have already taught everyone to use QR codes from their phones, accessed through an app right?

  7. There will be a Citizen Control App , on these Govt QR scan, new digital ID's.
    It's commonly known as the Covid Approval App.
    They are going to replace our Debit and Credit cards with these new digital IDs
    So there will be a Citizen Approval control which could stop you accessing your bank account at the checkouts
    If you fail to comply with govt mandates, or speak out on social media against the government.

    In China where they have these new digital IDs already, the Covid Approval Pass also computerised into the new IDs has
    already been used against a journalist who spoke out against the CCP. to block his access to his Bank Acct when he tried to buy a train ticket. Most Chinese people just think the Covid Green approval required on their Digital ID is just a record to show they've had their vaccines, they don't realise it has been used and can be used to block access to their Bank Accts.

  8. Marty for two blokes who should be right across this CBDC your years behind! What Your talking about is being implemented ISO 20022 XRP ripple an uneducated muppet is more informed !

    Commonwealth bank & ANZ both using XDC which is a ISO compliant coin!

  9. A Cabbage Cult Call to Arms? But the World Ends in September?

    What’s the point Cabbage Patch Kids, Hyperinflation is Nigh, only a few weeks left. We’re all Doomed aren’t we?

  10. Australia, a technology and financial centre. Ooh, it sounds so special. What does it mean? Perhaps this; Here's your Great Reset chip implant to go with your Fourth Industrial Revolution CBDC. Quasi stealth, full, implementation. We're always warned. Coming to an Australia near you. It's the new normal.

  11. There needs to be a referendum on this matter,the government control our lives enough as it is. Now they want to eventually control where and how I spend my hard earned money and keep track of every cent I spend. This country is going back 200 plus years,back to a penal colony.

  12. The Australian government in concert with all Western governments are taking babysteps towards global governance and ultimately, the establishment of a one-world government. One is naive to expect any transparency. Deception, underhandedness, duplicity is the modus operandi. People are too self-centered and complacent to prevent this from happening. They simply accept whatever they're being told in the mainstream media.

  13. Sorry to throw a spanner in the works. The government isn't working for you. Quite frankly, the government doesn't care what you think. They will continue to do what their supernational masters tells them to do. WHO, WEF, UN, BIS, Club of Rome, etc.

  14. There is likely no right or wrong to the use of CBDC. On one hand it open the doors to efficiencies, innovation and different and more complex ways to secure currencies. On the other hand, the differences may impact privacy and stricter monetary policy that are more easily executed. I have barely used cash for some time…..thus it really doesn't seem that much of a difference to me. It's actually great to see we are on the front foot with something though….. I agree caution is needed – but on face value the opportunity for financial innovation seems amazing. I remain positively optimistic for now.

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