IOTP Preview: Is Australia at Risk of Sri Lankan Chaos & Revolution?

This is a preview of a show Economist John Adams and Analyst Martin North released on our In The Interests Of The People channel.

This past weekend, the world witnessed Chaos and Revolution in Sri Lanka with the storming of Sri Lanka’s Presidential Palace.

The Sri Lankan economy has collapse and this has resulted in societial chaos and a political revolution with the Sri Lankan president fleeing the country.

Why did it happen? How is this relevant for Australia?

The lessons for Australia are very real and Adams and North will come back to Australia’s foreign debt problems in the coming months.

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  1. I believe we're in for a hell ride here in OZ. Only a few people I know here are prepped for the bumpy road ahead. I have been following this fiasco for longer than I care to remember and the poof is in the pudding. Big pain ahead for this world when the greatest depression in recorded history takes full effect.

  2. It would be no surprise. I have been saying for years that we are heading for an Argentine-style economic collapse. Oh how wonderful it would be to see 65 Martin Place invaded! But it should have been done for printing money and keeping rates too low for too long, not for raising them!

  3. Thank you for the summary. I think Argentina might be a better analogy than Sri Lanka. I heard they are in another inflation spiral, with 20% price increases.

  4. Australians are to docile to ever rebel. That plus they have far to much respect for authority. As long as they can have a beer and go to the footy nothing much else seems to bother them.

  5. Australia always seems to sweet talk it's way into a high credit rating despite internally being a shambles. Seems well connected at the high levels. What would it take for those same networks to downgrade Australia's credit rating if their personal network ties at the executive level are strong?

  6. We have next to nothing in term of manufacturing neither any innovations happening like the US. On top of this we keep importing majority of stuff. All we export is whatever we produce from mining and some from farminglivestock etc. This was bound to happen.

  7. Thank you what he said at 9.30min is so true and australians are so blind .thanks again

    I am starting to think that intelligence is gained when you loose hair.

    just thinking should change your shows name to "the bald profits"

  8. I wonder if the bald buffoon actually got to the end of Peter Brains book, the last chapter embraces planning and regulation to manage our macroeconomy. Clearly, this cabbage does have the cerebellum to digest the real message of Code Red from this old Keynesian.

  9. ALL-GOOD…. John, is still holding his "black pen," but… when I see the "red pen," I know too stock-up, on more "toilet-paper." Because, that's when the 👉💩👈 will hit the fan!! Special, on at the moment, 24c per 100 sheets… (buy-the-dip) 🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻 REMEMBER… THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE! 😁

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