Iowa Dem Chairman Pretends To Be Competent

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  1. Still waiting for Hillary to swoop in and “save” the Democrats. She’s always out their lurking in the background, I know it because I can smell her. She smells like a combo of urine, rotten cabbage and farts ~ John Podesta Email

  2. This time I am with you Jimmy, last time to get it right politically. Fighting out of a corner is balls on real and necessary action whether or not Bernie wins. We need a POTUS that is on our side and that of Mother Nature. Feel the Berne.

  3. Wait hasn't Trump been saying the DNC is corrupt and full of crooks for years now? Just don't get how people see this stuff and still find it hard to believe that Trump has been getting railroaded from the beginning. If DNC will do this to one of their own then no doubt in my mind that the things they do to Trump are as bad as they report to be. 2020 is going to be a year to remember!

  4. WHen are Democrats going to just wake up and realize they mean nothing to their own party…ZERO…just electoral fodder. They conspired and got caught trying to block Bernie, the wimps did nothing and just accepted it. This is 2016 all over again, Bloomberg will get the nomination at a brokered convention and HRC will campaign for him…simple as that. In the end Trump will be re-elected and the GOP might get the House back…

  5. Fix the vote tell a story and no one cares move on to next primary fix the vote move on and still don't explain the Iowa caucuses because that was weeks ago who cares.?

  6. Anybody who doesn't get that the app was developed to rig the caucus, is naïve. The DNC is rigging it again. And I fully expect shenanigans in every state primary. CA is voting on March 3. I feel like I should just tear my dem ballot in half before turning it in.

  7. People would be entitled to ask that if the Democrats can't even run this caucus how the hell can they run the country? Are they so contemptuous of the electorate that they don't care how it looks.

  8. Wake up and walk away people, if you believe their official story then your buying into the notion that telephones quit working too. They have been committing election fraud for years because the media covers for them. Democrats will never stop lying, cheating, and stealing from this country. WALK AWAY!

  9. So they turned a landslide for Bernie into a fantom win for the CIA muppet puppet Pete. Someone should access the 'Background Code' on that 'Shady' app and analyze it. It's not that hard to design bugs into otherwise clean code. The CIA did it with the Iranian centrifuge coad. Worked fine until a time and date clicked up and then bang! Iranian centrifuge splinters all over the place. What's wrong with putting a cross opposite a candidates name in a secure booth? It worked just fine for great granddad… Introduce high tech and shady fuckery is assured.

  10. I don’t think he knew what hit him. A week later, he resigns and The Buddigig/Zuckerberg connection gets outed. So Zuckerberg gets to end run around federal regulation cuz he’s got a centrist candidate friend owing him a favor. Fu$k Russia hacking 2020 it’s collusion.

  11. How can they be Competent when they don't have the resources or any access to income or money. let me ask the simple man this would you go a poor man for a job or the man that has a business that's a real question ask your self this question. so now you are fighting your employers. Dose that makes any sense.

  12. as much as i miss rons long hair i love it spiked up just as much

    that ap might have maybe been more accurate then some of those voting machines it didnt work but neither do those voting machines (that is what is really twisted about this)