IRAN Is Pretending To be Proud Boys To Smear Trump, Leftists Publish HOMES Of Trump Donors

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  1. If the Left WASN'T pushing fake stories about the Proud Boys being White Nationalists and White Supremacists, etc., Iran wouldn't be able to pull scams like this one. I totally blame the 'Lying Left' for all this crap. When this election is over, we've got some SERIOUS house cleaning to do: nobody asked them to pull this $hit…

  2. Yeah Iran might be behind some of it, but China is probably behind most of the less sophisticated attacks. The 50 centers are numerous and pretty unsophisticated in their attacks.

  3. This is so wrong. I'd think the exact same about it if the database was for Biden financial supporters. Unfortunately for us, we know which side is doing the active targeting.

  4. I don’t believe it. Sorry. Feels like dems to me. Seriously, Iran would think to spoof proud boys email knowing our media would go nuts over it? I don’t believe it, smells like donkey crap, literally.

    Think about it, how fast did the (FBI, CIA, homeland security) figure this out? 2 days? Come on. Way too convenient, sounds like someone is covering up for the dems and blaming “ foreign actors”.

    If not the dems, then it’s mossad. I love how we NEVER hear anything about them… interesting.

  5. Make no mistake, this is a domestic issue. Pseudo-doxing by one side only. We’ve seen this before with Castro’s brother in FL. We all know this is a herring play by the left to take the heat of their rogue supporters stealing Trump signs and leaving ‘courageously’ unsigned letters in Trump supporters’ mailboxes. If you think they’ll leave you alone if you support them, wake up! They won’t leave you alone until you’re under their heel. But by then, you won’t notice, because you would’ve either surrendered all your freedom to them, or you would’ve lost your ability to think for yourself. Either way, you’d be harmless to them.

  6. Media only tell what they WANT to be true, deny the facts for their unrealistic ideal.
    Ask the communists you know to tell you what communist country has overwhelmingly common citizenship with a better quality of life than those in the US.
    There isn't one.

  7. Hmmm, were under attack from the usual suspects, Iran and Russia. Funny how China never makes that list. I guess cyber attacks, unleashing a pandemic and paying off vice presidents don't amount to election interfering in the eyes of our highly ethical intelligence agencies.

  8. In talking to some unrepentant Leftists recently they seemed to relish the idea of armed conflict in the streets. Just my opinion but their statements seemed based around excitement and the chance for them to be seen as "heroes" by peers. Their ideas about armed conflict aren't much more informed than those of children who have watched too many Hollywood "war porn" flicks. Even the most basic realities of competing political factions fighting in urban environments have never crossed their minds (think downtown Beirut, Lebanon in 1975). Starvation, disease, lack of running water, functioning sewer systems and electrical power aren't even contemplated by these self appointed warriors for social justice and awareness. May God help us all . . .

  9. The FBI also said they can easily fake any country's signature on hacks and emails written so poorly and glowing so brightly they might as well have been fanfics on Reddit.

  10. Anyone who thinks I:n did it is so gullible. Smoke and mirrors hello?? This is an internal attack or possibly American Chinese. There are other highly likely candidates as well. Look close to home.

  11. Did you guys hear a bunch of Chinese were pretending to be msm depiction of trump fans on reddit ? They really want to give Trump supporters a bad image so that he will lose. It’s not in China’s interest for trump to be elected.

  12. Proud Boys letters are fake. Antifa threatening people is very real and they have done stuff like that all year. Iran is helping Democrats bully Trump voters into voting Biden by faking proud boys threats so the media can blame right wing Trump supporters for what Democrats and Antifa are doing

  13. 2:52
    Notice how the Proud Boys >ARE NOT< far right but msm says it so much that even people like Tim Pool get tired of repeating they aren't and it's eventually said so much the average American sheep just believes they are a far right group. That's propaganda and this example is proof it's being used and that it works. [Edit: I see Tim did address this later on in the video]

  14. Extremists – "remember, it was your that started the civil war"
    Me – ohh so, ppl who didnt go out and "protest", loot, riot, attack ppl or anything of other bad things are the ones that…started the civil war..??? mm cool story bro

  15. Democrats ran with this obvious false flag against the Proud Boys, but still deny the verrified e-mails revealing Joe Biden sold of his VP political position using his son and brother as proxies.

  16. Tim you raise an excellent point about antifa using these maps to attack ppl its a slow burn toward authoritarian rule, remember Jordan Peterson saying tyranny one small step at a time? You basically made the same point its not gonna happen suddenly

  17. Yea if it was the other way around russians pretending to be BLM and threatening , it would be breaking news on all msm TV news channels , and hear about it 24/7 and the news would not say it's a conspiracy but the truth lol