Iran’s protests: a different view from the ground

Setareh Sadeghi, an Esfahan, Iran-based scholar and teacher, provides Max Blumenthal with a view of Iran’s protests against the country’s morality police and the death of Mahsa Amini never heard in US mainstream. Sadeghi explains that while many Iranians oppose the morality police, the protests have failed to spread far outside Tehran, and have relied heavily on social media amplification from the outside – including from neoconservative elements hell bent on regime change – to magnify the impact of the protests. Sadeghi also addresses the impact of US sanctions on Iranian women, and details civil disobedience by Iranian women that has never registered in Western media.

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  1. Curse to present and past “unelected” commanders in chief KhOmani and KhAmanee dictators in Iran
    Long live new generation of secular Iranian & political prisoners in Iran:
    Women= human=Men
    Freedom of “ALL” political parties eg socialist
    free election directly by the “PEOPLE (no guardian consul).
    Freedom of ALL speeches
    Freedom of ALL peaceful protests
    Freedom of ALL religion eg Bahaee
    Separation of religion and government.

  2. What’s the doctor follow document for herself, why’d she could walking to the hospital? Seems like a blood problems!
    Where’s the photo of the police moral? There’s nothing evidence, just the form of the USA stirring up the propaganda and protesters, that too often from the former government to sanctioning Iran.
    Nothing that’s the woman acts every time was freedom as well as the abortive at the USA! I don’t believe that the moral police hitting her till passing away! How’s much the Pandora to manipulation of the democratic dictatorship paid?
    Nothing developed! Just make conflict for Warriors and sanctioning for trapping themselves especially with the energy crisis and Iran family going with the SCO. Iran is independence and how’s shameless for the boring day to take the women to be the Victims 🇬🇧, 🇺🇸!

  3. Any time western media claims human rights and womens rights there is 2 things that happen

    1.its to impose their liberal views and values which also means anti religion. They come to bring Feminism, LGBTQ, Transgender, Abortion to the foreign nation. They do that with USAID in africa which reject these ideas. Look at the interview Ruto of Kenya has with western news person – she focus on Gay Rights which is priority for western audience.

    2. They desire to do a regime change, over throw govt for someone USA/Isreal friendly or desire to go war or sanctions.

    3. If USA feels human Rights and womens rights is important it needs to look at police brutality in the USA, they dont need to tell other countries. Sandra Bland didnt get this much coverage..she is USA citizen thats female abused by police.

  4. Excellent interview 👏 Thank you both guys for great details of the political reality in Iran. While there has been a great sympathy for the young lady by ALL Iranians, there has been an unbelievable, orchestrated propaganda effort from the West for regime change using the bitter incident as a pretext. This happened only because Irani has recently had a radical turn to the East. From Iran 🇮🇷

  5. An important contribution to the understanding of real politics and struggle that exist in Iran. It appears to me that this women, a PhD, is unassuming and not overly politicized. She offers reality based analysis of the political culture within her country that so often gets bastardized by western onlookers with intent to further their own agendas. Flabbergasted by the one thousand false hashtaggers employed to generate US dictate. I consider this person being interviewed by Max a credible source and appreciate her calm manner that far supercedes any public responses made in hysteria.

  6. All the respect to Setareh! Very good statements ! So proud to be an Iranian woman and know that you guys are so highly educated and won’t fall in western trap ! We Iranian women will get our rights without any involvement from outside, and we have actually done that in the last 4 decades # love from Sweden 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷♥️🤍💚

  7. First study the people you are interviewing! Doing indipendent surveys is forbidden in Iran! Unless the government itself does it. How can she say surveys said women are not against mandatory Hijab? She's a propaganda figure from Mullahs. And she's penetrating your channel. Like the kids of Mullahs who live in the USA with a lavish and super western lifestyle. But the Mullahs themselves mandate women in Iran to wear Hijab….

  8. Great interview. Something that Setareh didn’t mention: Mahsa had had a brain tumour that was operated on when she was 8 years old. Since then she had had about 17 follow up visits. The significance of this? Right after it came to light that she had died in custody, in an interview when her father was asked if she had any medical issues, her father (probably under pressure from separatists elements in her family) stated she had no medical issues. So he lied! When the clip of her collapsing came to light, he backtracked and in another interview said: I meant she had no heart issues! Just thought this should also be known.

  9. To be honest though: does it really matter at the end of the day? Obviously westerners don’t really care about women in Iran but still it’s better to have the regime removed

  10. Juses Chris! The amount of propaganda and denial here is astounding. We Iranians really need to accept that we are alone in our fight. If this is how American left sees our revolution then we are genuinely alone.

  11. Obviously this woman cared about the women's civil rights.
    Western women should stand against any form of violence anywhere regardless of their political agenda.
    One would obviously be hypothetic to be so sensitive against violence within the west but not outside the western countries.
    She is very right about the Morality patrol. Morality patrol has always been an agitator and a wrong approach that causes many problems.
    National unity is a necessity and anyone who claims to care for the best interest of their country should make some ideological and religious sacrifices to keep their people united. Another word both religious and nonreligious groups and individuals must continuously make compromises for the sake of their country.
    Otherwise from a nationalistic and even humanistic angle of view they are acting carelessly and irresponsibly.
    Thanks Max for bringing us closer to reality on the ground.

  12. This woman clearly is part of the propaganda machine. I’m surprised you couldn’t find anyone else with more honesty to interview with. A supporter of Islamic republic is a supporter of Islamic republic. No matter how moderate she seems. Period. And for your information: #mahsaamini was beaten to death. And Isfahan is as busy as other cities in terms of the size of the demonstrations. And the morality police is very brutal – not to some degree.

  13. Did I miss the part where Max brings up her postgraduate education and degree? So conservative, traditional is she. Yet judges those harshly who blaze new trail. And spare me the religious dichotomy deepness, that isn't and hasn't been what is going on here, not since the days of passed around detective magazines when we all thought serial killers with their Madonna/whore complexes were picking up and engaging the services of prostitutes then murdering them for being whores? Religious economies we thought. Turns out they were just unintelligent and lived by the mantra rules for thee, not for me elitist arrogance. Same thing here. Nothing like being acclimated to accept their imposed 2nd class status for ourselves and not so much as one finger pointing out the emperor is naked.

  14. If the Islamic women and men themselves don't unite among themselves from every Islamic country, these protests will eventually be come suppressed. This woman who is wearing her headcovering she should remove it on line when being interviewed it's the action that gives courage, not the words alone!

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