Iraq In CHAOS As Violent Riots Erupt | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar explore the domestic political unrest in Iraq that has led to violent riots in response to an influential political and religious leader stepping down

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Freddy Brewster:


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  1. The fact that there are poeple like Meghna McCain who still think Iraq war was right still support it is sickening and they still have huge platform in MSM to continue there warmongering lies and propaganda.

  2. Things are going great under Biden! Thank goodness he is in charge, things are so much better now……best president ever, living inflation, high gas prices……THANKS BIDEN…..MOST VITES EVER THO

  3. Hi folks, i live in iraq/baghdad & I just wanted to clear some stuff out that you said, sadir has the ability to form a government but his shia Coalition denied him that by exploiting a law that prevents the parliament from even forming if there’s not 3/4 of it members which the sadir wasn’t able to do, then he gave away his parliamentary sets to them & told them form a government, however when they tried to form a parliament to elect a government huge sadir protests took over parliament (that was about 3weeks ago & it continued until yesterday), yesterday these shia coalitions (backed by iran) forced a great shia mofty to basically retire & his supporters to follow Ayatollah al kohmeini, this move by these shia coalitions was read by sadir as a “low blow” because he always thought out to be the following of shia in iraq should be iraqi, so in the afternoon yesterday sadir announces his retirement from politics, this sent a message to his supports (saraya al salam, the mehdy army)
    To go & attack the green zone & the parliamentary building to show the populist power & force that they own, & to put these shia Coalition of notice next time they don’t give him what he wants.
    After a brutal 12 hours of fighting in the green zone he ordered his supporters to stop the fighting( & many people believe he ordered that because of a deal he struck with the shia coalitions that are backed by Iran to set a new election & a temporary government). Now baghdad is relatively safe it’s not as bad as it’s preserved because 99% of the fighting was in an area around the green zone, the next few months are critical
    & the results of the next election is gonna be the most important in iraq’s history.
    Tldr we have a good economy now because of the high prices of oil, we have a bit of inflation but we are not as bad as ppl who don’t have it. Thanks for your coverage & I hope this cleared your mind about the situation here.

  4. So America has literally been wrecking countries around the world for the last 20 years including America itself? Better vote for some hand picked leader of a political party you largely disagree with.

  5. Sadr nationalists refused to make coalition with the pro-Iran Shia leading to months of deadlock ayatollah Hairi one of Sadr supporters flipped on him and called him out forcing the resignation

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