Irish Politician EVISCERATES Pro-Ukraine Warmongers & NATO

Clare Daly is an Irish representative in the European Parliament, and among the few willing to speak out against NATO, call out the organization’s lengthy history of aggression around the globe and criticize western nations’ role in fomenting the Ukraine crisis.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss Daly’s recent fiery pro-peace speech in front of her fellow members of the European Parliament.

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  1. I've been watching Clair Daly and Mick Wallace comin' in hot for over ten years. It does wonders for my heart to see that, consistently, over time, never flinching. Absolutely bad-ass. Wish we had about four hundred like them in Congress here in the States.

  2. Armchair politics is great for this not living in Europe. As long a Russia gains economically from selling fossil fuels then the more native Ukrainians are being slaughtered.
    Don't interfere with the lives of murdered children in a direct situation. If Putin's criminals landed on Alaskan shores then your views would be different or do you want want to talk Putin to the Hague.
    Sadly Jimmy you are making fun out of anachronistic politics of the ending of the American Empire by proxy.

  3. I don’t understand. So both sides are nefarious.

    Okay… so now what? We agree both sides had bad intentions.

    What do you guys want to do now?

    You keep talking about “war is ended through diplomacy”… do you guys really believe Russia is going to negotiate in good faith with Ukraine? Especially if Ukraine isn’t strong enough to essentially earn its seat at the table?

    That’s how peace negotiations work. The stronger party makes demands. The weaker the other party is, the more they’re forced to accept such demands.

    But if Ukraine is strong enough to stand up for its democracy (as flawed as it may be, still better than Russian authoritarianism) and for its people (the Russian narratives HAVE been either straight up dehumanizing Ukrainians or at least attempting to destroy the idea of them having their own culture outside of Russia, and have been doing so for a while) then it doesn’t have to make such grave concessions.

    However the war started, the Ukrainian people will suffer under anything other than a successful stalemate at least. To achieve that, Ukraine needs arms.

    Either you are delusional and will keep advocating the impossible (good faith negotiation) or you will have to admit you are fine with or want Ukraine to fall back into Russian authoritarian satellite state where the Ukrainian people will only continue to suffer ever-worsening humanitarian conditions.

    Sorry, gotta disagree on the ultimate point with you Jimmy.

  4. Why is Germany not standing up against the US ?
    Because Germany is effectively a US colony.
    Just look into what happened after the fact the US records all conversation from the German government .. they just declared the scandal to be over LITERALLY that is what merkels puppet said.
    look into the technically germany is not even a real country due to its lack of a constitution.
    Something that is stated in the Grundgesetz should have been changed after the reunion with eastern germany

  5. Clare Daly is an apologist for autocratic regimes. In late January 2022, she described the Russian troop build up on the Ukrainian border as being "clearly defensive" and believed there is "no evidence that Russia has any desire to invade Ukraine, it would be of no benefit to them…

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