Irish Politicians GO OFF On Western Hypocrisy Over Ukraine

Two Irish politicians – legislator Richard Boyd Barrett and Member of the European Parliament Clare Daly – had separate videos go viral this past week as they passionately and eloquently spoke out about the double standard western nations were applying to “worthy” victims of Russian violence in Ukraine and the “unworthy” victims of NATO and Israeli violence in Afghanistan and the Occupied Territories.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the uncomfortable truths the two Irish MPs highlighted.

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  1. One reason we were in Afghanistan was opium/heroin. It's no coincidence that opioid abuse skyrocketed in the years after invasion, and of course big pharma via oxycontin played a large part but the link to the Afghanistan war should not be overlooked or understated. I had a friend who was a marine and he told me that at one point his detachment was tasked with torching a poppy field as well as the already processed ready to be sold opium until the CIA showed up, talked to his CO and next thing he knew they were now on security detail and told to help load up the opium into the backs of a number of trucks and SUVs

  2. Irish people know what it's like to be oppressed by the government and police ( like Ned Kelly and his family here ) so they won't take the USA's bs hypocrisy, good on em. People here in Australia are to used to it now and that sux. Jake Trans latest documentary on YouTube points out exactly what the USA has done to Russia over the years to cause this.

  3. Give then monies and then become white givers and took back to give it to the families of the victims of 9/11 and allowed the Civilian Population to go into Famine. What doescthe Afghan Civilians had to do withb9/11? What happened to the SAUDIS?

  4. Good speech, but people don't care about Ukraine cus of white people, people are worried because it's a country that borders NATO Allys in Europe like Poland, and it's Russia invading it, a nuclear power. If NATO is involved, USA goes to war with Russia. That's why this is scary.

    To think this is about race is retarded, this invasion, if it goes into NATO nations,it's WW3 and I'm sorry but Afghanistan and Yeman don't have the potential to spark WW3.

  5. it has nothing to do with race. it has everything to do with what the Ukraine represents to the US. this is a proxy war that we started to fight Russia. basically, if the US has nothing to gain from an "invasion" or occupation…. the US simply doesnt care. its amazing how much ppl dont understand that 95 % of the news coverage on this.. is STRIGHT PROPAGANDA.

  6. Thank you, once again, Jimmy! Truth is being whitewashed in every Western country by the Corporatist wealth class/military industrial/Congressional/ass-sucking fake "government" and their false mainstream "media". We are all being sucked into their black hole of lies and manipulation. Fight back, folks!

  7. Did you notice Jimmy will never criticize Putin? Putin killing inocente people that’s ok for this scum bag. Wake up people! Jimmy makes about a a million a year!

  8. It’s not the race of the Ukrainians that makes their plight important, it’s that they’re on the doorstep of a nuclear power. They’ve been ignored for the last DECADE until now, why? Because their bio lab meat shields are ineffective.

  9. Focus on the Ukraine crisis and stopping Putin is the best you can do right now. Not ignoring Putins agression by saying "but what about Afghanistan or Palestinia" your answer is not helping anyone quite the opposite but maybe that's the intention?

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