Iron Boomerang: A real nation building project

The Iron Boomerang rail project could be one of the largest pieces of regional infrastructure Australia has seen.

It proposes building a rail line linking the abundant coalfields in Queensland with the iron ore deposits in Western Australia and establishing steel mills at either end. It would make Australia one of the leading steel producers in the world and turbocharge the economy.

Given the enormous potential being investigated, and the fact that a Senate Inquiry is currently underway, I can’t believe that this Government doesn’t seem to be interested.

Written by Malcolm Roberts


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  1. Well said SENATOR, the Iron boomerang prodect will decentralize and creat huge opportunity for the Australian poeple in more ways than one, the list of opportunities are to many to list 👍

  2. Privately funded ? by who? the CCP's belt and road program? better yet, why not build a pipeline from Australia's 2nd largest body of fresh water (Ord River/ Lake Argyle scheme) down through the center of Australia? this would allow Agriculture for remote communities on a large scale.

  3. Its a brilliant, nation building project Malcolm. So is the Bradfield scheme. But like the Bradfield scheme, no government will ever build anything, or create an industrial environment, which makes Australia great. Our puppet regimes folliw orders, from the globalist fascist club, through their UN and other global bureaucracies. The agenda has been common poverty, for all, at least since the "Lima Agreement" was signed, and the thousands of subsequent agreements, which assure our economic collapse.

  4. This project has been around since 2006-7 from memory, these grubs ( not you Mr Roberts) have been ignoring this for a very long time. Successive governments from both sides have no intention or interest in looking after our country.

  5. These beaurocrats were obviously good at debating at college etc and can knock up a good word salad when avoiding a question, but as far as I see totally useless at their supposed job. Thank you Senator Roberts, keep asking.

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