IRS Demands SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS Of Ebay Sellers With Over $600 In Sales

Social media users report that Ebay is locking the accounts of users who sell over $600 dollars worth of products until they submit their social security number for IRS reporting. Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss. #Ebay #IRS #taxes

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  1. Taxing income is overly punitive to middle and low income earners. The IRS should be abolished. Make the ultra-rich pay their fair share through national retail sales tax. Joe the plumber isn't buying $10,000 jewelry, but Howard the corporate CEO is making that purchase.

  2. Based on the problems with taxes that Brianna presents, does the IRS expansion do anything to address those problems? The dots don't connect, they are coming after poor people because the rich know tax loopholes.

  3. Remember that Democrats want bigger government and Republicans want smaller government. That leads to Democrats wanting more money for more government and Republicans want less money for less government. We see this through the post-Covid legislation that has been passed by the house and senate under Biden.

  4. I’m thinking of taking my items off ebay until someone with a uncommunist mind runs this country. I feel like theirs more rich people dodging taxes than small businesses.

  5. "Holding elites accountable"….. lololol. By passing a law that tracks $600 transactions? Are you a crazy person? We should all be calling our representatives livid that they need to fix this

  6. I'ma look into this allegation of Robbie's that the IRS collects 19% of GDP historically, regardless of what we do. That would be interesting if it's true, however, I suspect that, even if it's true, who the IRS is collecting that from does change. They collect a lot of it from the working class now, I bet they collected a lot more of it from the wealthy previously.

  7. I think Briahna is kidding herself. The IRS is almost CERTAINLY gonna come after average people. The Gov't always needs their pound of flesh. And it's a lot easier to pick on the little guy. The gov't is a bully, they never go after people that can fight back. They only go after the weak and those not willing to defend themselves.

  8. Robby alluded several times to real issue, which is the complicated tax code. Briahna each time push the narrative to meaningless details gently approving extra IR agents. Nonsense! Make tax law simple fitting on one page!

  9. The PEOPLE have a RIGHT to criticize any Government agency who does NOT serve the PEOPLE as they should. In addition any Government who chooses to act like a Dictator or Monarchy should also be held accountable.

  10. I never thought I'd say this but Robby is right here. Briahna says lets wait to see if they are going after people who make over 600 on ebay after they show a clear screen shot of that happening. It's happening, and neither the Democrats or Republicans can be trusted to financially police the rich and not go after the little guys that don't pay to lobby them. The record feels pretty clear.

  11. Just stop using eBay for a while. I bet their shareholders would put an end to this practice, sooner rather than later. Get THEM where it count$. Remember how quick Disney acted when folks turned their noses up and stood up to them.

  12. Cool! I lost my job. And take care of my parents. I'm selling my stuff on Ebay to make it by. Your telling me I got to pay taxes on stuff I already own and payed taxes on. And that I'm taken a lost on. Let go Brandon!!! I'm not even allowed to sell my stuff so i can eat. Instead of help witch I can't get. Government going help themselves. It's OK We starve eating church food. Biden needs my hard earned stuff. THANKS GUYS!!!

  13. Rich people are too hard to audit… How many mom n pop sellers on ebay Amazon and FB market place are "not paying their fair share"?
    If the government can take a cut, they will. If they can't, they'll find a use for taxes.

  14. "Questioning the agency is part of the right's fascism problem"? So now these people think that even questioning a federal agency is the same as fascism? These people are losing touch with reality.

  15. What a joke. Most people who sell on eBay who collect more than $600 are selling things they purchased at a loss ( i.e getting rid of items they bought but just don't need/use anymore). It's just some extra pocket change.

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