Is a Brexit Deal with the EU still possible?! (4k)

How the Brexit sands are shifting, one minute we’re too far apart for a deal, the next we’re 66% of the way there, then we’re told there’s no deal in sight.

Even at the recent end of the ninth set of Brexit negotiations, both sides emerged citing massive continuing differences meaning a deal was all but impossible.

And it looked like the EU and UK would soon be reaching a point of no return where they would shake hands saying thank you, but no thank you.

Then we heard rumours that the UK PM, Boris Johnson, had buckled. That the UK would be signing a deal that kept us tied to the ECHR, the non-EU human rights courts, as well as handing over more of our fish for the next three years.

This would drive a coach and horses through UK government attempts to deal with the escalating problem of the one way traffic regarding the under ten foot class of escorted channel ferry vessels.

Because human rights lawyers would continue gleefully queueing up with court orders, to whisk people off of planes before they were sent packing.

And keep getting paid millions to do it.

And added into the mix were reports that the UK Brexit negotiator, Lord David Frost, had suggested that the UK could also be on the verge of conceding ground on the matter of state aid rules.

And all the rumours were spurred on by Michael Gove telling Parliament’s European Union Committee that a deal was 66% there, while Lord Frost appeared quite optimistic.

And all this led Telegraph columnist Sherelle Jacobs to pen a piece called:

“The allure of a sellout Brexit risks turning Boris into the next Ted Heath”

With the subheading:

“The Prime Minister wouldn’t survive the ignominy of deceiving the nation with a dreadful deal”

Going on to write:

“Forty-seven years after seducing Edward Heath into agreeing egregious terms for the UK’s entry to the EEC, Brussels seeks yet again to tempt a prime minister into betrayal.”

And that was exactly how it looked to be panning out – all at the last minute, before Boris Johnson’s previous 15th of October deadline is reached in just one weeks time.

But Boris ditched that deadline earlier this week when he agreed with the EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, that further talks would be held into next month.

More fanning the flames of a UK climb-down.

And earlier today The Times reported that:

“Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator has signalled that Boris Johnson is ready to make key concessions and that a trade deal is “eminently achievable”.”

But now, thankfully, or maybe thankfully, we’re hearing from the Brussels’ side that this might not actually be the case.

EU officials are claiming that the UK is:

“… pushing a sense of positivism and momentum, but we just don’t see it.”

And according to Politico, one EU source said:

“We are seriously questioning their tactic and why they are sending these kinds of messages as there is no deal in sight at all at this point.

“There’s clearly a spin that the UK wants to get out there: a deal is within reach, only fish is still a problem. That’s complete nonsense, as a deal on none of the EU’s red lines is nowhere in sight at this stage.”

But there are signs of nerves amongst some on the EU side.

The Italian Prime Minister, Guiseppe Conte, is under pressure from his exporters so is urging the UK side to get a deal done.

Finally, do you remember the Cambridge Analytica saga? As the BBC explains:

“Cambridge Analytica was accused of amassing the data of millions of Facebook users without their consent and using it in political campaigns, including the 2016 US Presidential campaign and 2016 Brexit referendum.”

All accompanied by a lot of left-wing wailing and gnashing of teeth. Along with demands that the result of the EU referendum be declared null and void.




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Is a Brexit Deal with the EU still possible?

Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. i really do hope that boris understands the importance to the voters of a full brexit, as he has been warned time and time again he will be finished if he lets us down, maybe this govt has another 4 years in power that does not mean boris does, be warned…

  2. Boris should realise that he has the noose around his neck, and if he gives anything away,
    I, for one, would have my hands on the trapdoor lever.

  3. Boris Johnson is not going to deliver Brexit. It wont happen. The government is not in control of the country. The same evil scum who control the EU are in control. BUT NOT FOR LONG.?

  4. I can understand agreeing to extend the talks. There are those in parliament ready to rebel if Boris gives the impression he's looking for no deal. This signifies he's not. That said, it should have been made clear that if the EU uses that time to continue with the same demands, that's the end of it. There simply is no more time after that to permit the EU to continue this line all the way to January and plead for another extension. This is what they will do given the opportunity using lack of time for European Parliament and Council of Ministers consent as the excuse. What of that consent? How do you get a no fishing rights deal past the French in the Council of Ministers, even if the parliament accepts it? I would suggest that you don't and that further talking will provide nothing but more EU obstinacy and delaying tactics. The reality is, that they want to push these talks as close to January as they can get away with, in the hope that no deal imminent within days pressures the government into extending the transition period. There is no hope of a deal before January given Macron's inflexible position, so for God's sake stop letting the EU take the pisscovitch with more delays!

  5. I wonder what happened to the 'Brexit dividend' and 'Strong & Stable'? Both seem to have vanished into this air; pissed away by the Brexit government along with half a million jobs – up until March, before Covid. Much, much more to come, of course, because Brexit has not even started. Time to admit, Jeff, what you lot call 'defeat', but what is generally known as 'reality'.

  6. You can 100% trust on Boris Johnsons deadline. Again. The UK is out in a week. Boris sticks to his word and promises and never backtracks. That man is like a rock. That's why brexiteers voted for him ?

  7. The EU is the heart and peace of Europe! Europe without each other is what UK wants to be now! UK prosperity, rights and values ​​have only become possible through the EU! We should leave the UK alone now, they are not the best but will probably destroy Europe!

  8. UK has known for 4 years what the EU would agree to 🙂 If they don't, there is no deal, if they do, there is a deal. It's actually quite simple…

  9. DEAR JEFF : I'm a British citizen living in Holland for many years. I just got a letter which states they have the right to use all my organs if I dont reply to their letter. The cheek of claiming all body parts from a guest in their country. I'm worried any surplus will be sold within Europe. Does the Wthdrawal treaty include a few thousand kidneys, livers and such? Is this legal? Please spread this, it is 100% true.

  10. The question should be "Do any of us still trust the EU?" – there may be a few quislings who yearn for a snout in the trough but the answer from most of us would be "NO"!

  11. Did Johnson really think he only had to be stubborn and bluff the EU to get everything he wanted and go down in history as a great Brexit hero? And now he realises he was wrong and has to do a u-turn to prevent the worst for the UK.

  12. Not a chance with this gutless government who are hell bent on ignoring the result of the referendum ….. in fact it’s hell bent on ignoring all of its promises, only capable of talking bull sh.. hoping it will all go away. This government is traitorous and useless and the alternative Labour is even worse. The U.K. is rapidly sinking into oblivion with no leadership whatsoever. Can’t even manage COVID without the whole thing becoming a farce .

  13. for all of those saying we agree to a level playing field with eu "where it says trade with the world, no mention of eu, and so we get what we want, a no deal brexit." don't you lot think that jeff and nigel would't be screaming all over the news if it was with eu, it is just agreeing to wto rules.

  14. Why not , for a temporary measure, have ALL fish caught in UK waters landed on the British mainland. But I wouldn't give an inch to the EU. Walk away NOW.

  15. If by some miracle Boris does not sell us down the river to the EU I for one will breath a huge sigh of relief. If he then goes on to drain the civil service and judiciary swamps and ditches the human rights bill I can forgive him the Covid circus and all his other incompetence