Is America Today Marching to the Same Drum Beat as Nazi Germany Kitty Werthmann

the United States is NAZI Germany 1940


Written by Paul Revere


  1. Some of what she talks about are Christian values (ensuring people have access to food and housing, medical care, etc.). Unfortunately she lumps what were POTENTIALLY good policies in with the bad. With health care, I doubt she thinks about all the people who never could afford to see doctors. If you compare medical costs Americans pay to those paid by all other countries who have a health care systems, you find Americans pay twice what others do. She denigrates food stamps, but if there are no jobs, how will people eat? If the vast majority of people were truly charitable we might not have these problems, but there are not enough people who voluntarily will "if they have two tunics, give one".

    I agree that, although it seems a great idea, daycare is not a good idea. There are alternatives to it, and these should be explored (alternating work days is one). I agree that the "everyone gets a salary" and equalizing all wages is a bad idea (although minimum wage or some form of social assistance is not), but not for the reasons she gives. For one thing, it does promote indolence. I remember a video about the Catalonia Anarchists during the Spanish Civil War, with one veteran complaining about how some people never worked when given the chance. The "everyone gets a salary" idea also ignores the incentive that tiered salaries provide. Sounds great on paper, but it is a pie-in-the-sky concept that ignores human nature completely. Finally, in order to function, an economy needs to have imbalances of wealth distribution. People often forget it is the flow of money, not its acquisition, that creates an economy. Wealth acts like water in hydroelectric power generation – you need an excess/height differential to created the forces needed to drive the turbines and produce power. The living cells in every body do a similar thing to function. Conversely, people always overlook that excessive accrual or hoarding of wealth is counterproductive as well, as it is like a hydrodam where you keep raising the dam without letting water through the turbines. The system stagnates. You have the same issue if everyone has the same degree of wealth – stagnation. Currently, it is the accrual of vast hoards of wealth sitting goodness knows where that makes me so despondent with current European/American civilization – there is an increasing amount of capital being hoarded and not released into circulation that should be turned back into the economy producing new jobs and industries. Like a pyramid balancing on its top, the system is likely to collapse (like the Roman Empire, multiple Chinese dynasties, various Indian empires, etc.).

    Finally, I would say that for many of the negatives she states there are, if the issues are handled correctly by people who were motivated to promote the good of all (rather than themselves or their personal projects), they would be positives. The issue, as usual, is not the system, but who implements the system, how it is implemented and for what motive. Were the people running America's health care system more interested in the people than their pocketbooks, it would be cheaper for Americans to get health care. Conversely, had the Nazis been interested in benefiting people rather than suppression, brainwashing and conquest, they might have created a good health care system.

    In the end, it all boils down to the motives, morals and ethics of the people making the decisions. And that is why we all must vigilant when it comes to politics and not vote for a certain political party because you always have, or listen blindly to what a politician says. Do your research in as wide a forum as possible, then make your decision. In the vein, probably the most important thing to remember when voting is, "By their acts shall ye know them."

  2. This is why History needs to be taught. You can only learn from what happened before. It's scary how history is being rewritten and only a 'correct version' is taught. Correct to Who?

  3. TIK sent me here. It was worth coming although some of her statements are clearly wrong. Hitler did not conquer all of Europe except Switzerland for example. That is clearly false. It was still an interesting speech though.

  4. I would like to know if she is accurate; e.g. I doubt if Hitler got 99% of vote in a fair election, before the annexation a very high percentage of Austrians wanted to remain independent; at least in Germany mothers were expected to raise children at least until years into the War; I don't think church attendance was banned ( at least within pre Anschluss Germany territory). Any comments would be welcome.

  5. This woman obviously came from a rich background. But what about the many poor Germans and Austrians who were helped by National-Socialism? They supported Hitler because he rescued them from poverty and suicide. And euthanasia is not necessarily a bad thing; in the 1920s and 1930s it was also practised in the USA, Sweden and a number of other countries. The mentally defectives were put to sleep. Certainly, in the case of the most severely disabled individuals this is an act of mercy, certainly not 'murder', given the low quality of life that these people have to endure.

  6. I'm sorry but alot of this is such flagrant bull shit designed to fear monger. She's trying to create as many parallels to the democratic party platform to the Nazis as possible and it's irresponsible. Saying stuff like Obama was attempting to claim unquestioned domestic power, that the ERA is analogous to Hitler's program for women, that having more patients means a health care system is broken, these things are baseless fear mongering and the despicable partisanship that we need less of. I'm sorry TIK recommended this as normally I think he's quite fair minded.

  7. This woman has no knowledge of economic systems. The USA had a 91% tax rate all through the 1930s and 1940s, then lowered the tax rate in the 1950s to 71% all the way into the 1980s before it was lowered below 71%. So is this ignorant of economics woman claiming the USA is also socialist? Give me a break.

  8. It worked out so well for those people with Trump in charge huh? It is important to remember history but to try to say that Obamacare was somehow proof of him being a Nazi would mean that Canada, Sweden, Norway, England, France etc are all Nazis because they all have state health care. We are much closer to authoritarianism today under Trump than under Obama. Being friends with dictators like the dictator of North Korea for example. I understand that you would be afraid of anything with any amount of socialism after living through the hell of national socialism but have you ever seen a social Democrat or social liberal start a world war and murder people in camps? Not all forms of socialism is like Nazism or communism. Having public schools and hospitals doesn't equal national socialism. You can find plenty of likenesses with Trump and Nazism of you want. Like him talking about Mexicans as criminals like Hitler talked about the Jews as criminals. What I take away from history is not that public health is dangerous but that nationalism and thinking you are superior to others is dangerous. That blaming a group of people are the source of all problems is dangerous. Like how many nationalist parties in Europe are blaming Muslims for everything these days.

  9. I can't imagine any president publicly asking for people to "report" on critics of the administration, particularly in this day age when everything goes viral. Her comment here loses her what credibility she had.

  10. Interesting perspective from her time under the boot of the Nazis. But the correlation on Obama and USA seems far fetched and rather radical…to bad, it started so well…

  11. Wow – This deal sounds AWESOME!!

    – Free Healtcare
    – Universal Income
    – Free Child Care
    – Lots of plum Govt. Jobs (bureaucrats)
    – Heavy Govt. Regulation of Economy
    – Liberal Abortion Laws
    – Gun Control
    – Nationalized Media

    Almost everything this woman says is a current plank in the Democrat political platform.

  12. This important eyewitness testimony would be of greater impact if not so carefully scripted to fit a pre-Trump US Republican Party (?) audience. This is a pity because the lady is making some pertinent points. The subtle mass seduction of ordinary people in Germany and Austria by Hitler's Nazi Party machine was not just a reaction to the defeat in the Great War it was a carefully schemed plot that invaded every aspect of peoples' lives. Some were genuinely taken in while most just followed the easiest path, many were corupt and saw a path to money and power and others it unleashed the great evil within.

  13. I'm having difficulties with the timeline, if the anschluss happened in mid 1938 and she was in high-school, did she finish college during the war? Also, didn't they have those euthanasia programs before that?

  14. She does make a fair point but that election in 1938 in Austria was neither private nor fair. A couple of Nazis watched what circle was crossed and many Austrians, not only jews, ended up in concentration camps.

  15. 24:39 "…under Obama there is eugenics." How do you know this? If there is no money for you, it isn't because of Obama. It's Trump and the republicans that are eliminating the social programs that benefit the sick and elderly.

  16. 28:00 She heard wrong.
    It asks people to sign up to be on a mailing list so that when someone smears the President, or spreads lies about him, they’ll send out the truth to everyone on the list.

    Nothing about turning in neighbors or report people for spreading lies.

  17. Awesome video

    The audience reacting to stuff is really weird and annoying, like they're hoping this lady will prove their ideas right or something, rather than just being there to hear her share her experiences