Is Biden Manufacturing an Emergency?

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  1. As a Chinese, we have seen worse. I ate deep fried grasshoppers when I was little (1991), they actually taste great. Also when I was little everything taste great including mud. Rulers always win. Older Chinese went through cannibalism. Heck, people even eat each others' vomit during the great famine in China by Mao. Now, deep fried grasshoppers don't sound so bad.

  2. The quote toward the end was regarding “truth”…what the globalists are trying to convince us of is a deception; however all of our “conspiracy theories” seem to have cycled through this, sadly with no positive results.

  3. Insects look disgusting on a fork. Also, I have no doubt we're supposed to grind up and eat the entire insect, they wont be removing the head and outer shell (for want of better anatomical description). Vile to my senses, rather eat mud.

  4. Yeah… meanwhile the insect population is going, 'wait… what?!?' That being said over here in Thailand the eating of insects has been on the menu for pretty much ever… in addition to chicken, pork, beef, fish, snails etc you name it and if it tastes good, we'll eat it.

  5. Back in 2002 I went to a Tony Robinson 4 day weekend workshop, totally awesome weekend in Melbourne, Australia and money we'll spent.Tony challenge us to give up something we love eating, doing and ect for an hour,week months or give it up completely.At that time I was consuming about 2 litre of Pepsi and coke a day plus, I loved my meat, pork, chicken and eating the left overs from the bar-b-que the night before,Uhh all that fat build up on the sausage the next day, yum. I love mortardalla, straze and all things. I decided to stop for a week and it will be 20 years in October 2022 since I decided and never looked back, I have no regrets. If I'm invited to a barbecue I still injoy the smell and I'm happy for my vegies burger or vegies to be cooked on the Same hot plate, dosen't have to be sterilised befor my food goes on.What I am saying is I'm glad I took that challenge 20 year ago and don't have to make that decision to switch from beef,Pork chicken to eating shit fuc'n Grass Hoppers or the other crap they are pushing on us all today and the coming future. And just for the record if I was starving I wouldn't think twice about eating Meat, Chicken, Pork and ect…

  6. So, how are we going to farm humans for meat? Will it be done humanely? Will young human meat, caged for muscle tenderness, go for a premium? Fat people offered up first, or because of the fat content be priced higher or lower? Or maybe instead of prison for criminals they are farmed. I'm guessing if you are past 50 you will go for a cheap price.

  7. 3 things no one has any business telling you what to do .. religion, politics, and diet. Mass production of bugs is no better for the environment and we should consider decentralization and let the local communities figure out what is best for them, not someone in another country who has never even been to your area.

  8. We are at the beginning of the end times. Wrong will become right right will become wrong sin and evil will be celebrated and championed hoisted up upon a pedestal while righteousness and love are abolished and ostracized from society. Buckle up it's going to be a bumpy ride!

  9. When gas gets below 1.59 a gallon Then and only then gas prices will be going down. They take away what we had and give back 1 tenth of that and people are happy. I say bull give me back what I had

  10. i think that less meat eating should be promoted for health purposes ,and as organic as possible, less methane in the athmosphere ,and find a way to harness that methane,,pig farming is detrimental to soil ,i understand that North Carolina soil is really bad,pig farming capital of the the united states. Swine actually should not be eaten, PIGS WILL EAT HUMAN FLESH ,shell fish eating should be banned and actually should not be eaten,,you are eating sea roaches,,,,we need the shell fish to clean the oceans.why cant humans accept THE ALMIGHTY'S FOOD LAWS? I AM DEFINITELY NOT INTO BUG EATING.

  11. Yeah, don't you remember that headline about the entire vegan menu at Davos this year?

    I mean, I'm all for it (eating vegan is far healthier for the planet and is much more ethical towards animals and life), but not through coercion by the rich while they don't change at all

  12. Someone needs to read up on what happened to the megafauna(and the planet as a whole) 13.000 years ago at the end of the last ice age. Spoiler: overhunting is nonsense, the planet was decimated by a fragmenting comet.

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