Is China Actually Going to Attack Taiwan?

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Taiwan and China… it’s been all over the headlines. Will China attack Taiwan? Will the USA come to Taiwan’s aid? Will China try to take back Taiwan? Military crisis coming! Is any of this true?
I will explain it simply, and give you a very concrete answer.

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. See where your Amazon purchases are coming from! – Use Cultivate
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    ◘ Support me on Patreon for early release, and much more!
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  2. You are talking bullshit. Taiwan can't be compared to China, it 's so much smaller. India can be compared to China,and it's a democracy,and it's so much poorer than China is.

  3. Don't be shocked when that 'out of control' Chinese rocket booster hits something essential to Taiwanese security.
    China looks over at Resident Potato and sees no threat. They're gonna do what they want.

  4. If you comment on such a dangerous issue, you better do a good research on it. A good place to start is the fact that in the past ten years, all US army's own war games ended in CCP retake Taiwan even with US direct involving in the fighting. Only after you understand why US lost the war with CCP around Taiwan in War Game, then you can make responsible comments.

  5. The nationalist lost because the US stopped to ship the ammunition and instead kept supporting the communist. Since then the US secretly helped the communist with massive technological support. Because they wanted to have a puppet regime that would be a justification for more military spending.

  6. I liked the video, thanks for your insight. Also, that Cultivate add is actually useful and i am convinced you use it, unlike many other youtubers and their ads (which is fine). Props to you.

  7. You clearly did not know Korean War and Vietnam war. War to retake Taiwan would kill CCP, that is laughable. It will consolidate the CCP's reputation. You don't understand how tough CCP is.

  8. You need to study how CCP survived the culture revolution and some 20-30 million people died of hunger. You are so ill informed and irresponsible.

  9. Few more things. CCP is the only force fought Both US and Soviet on the ground during their peak without fear. And it defeated Vietnam with green troop easily right after Vietnam won over US. Now CCP has the ability to fight US in the air and sea around its land. Don't doubt their courage!

  10. I’ve long thought that the countries around China’s Eastern and Southern border should form a new SEATO type military alliance. Imagine Taiwan, India, the Philippines, Vietnam and many other countries in the region, possibly even including Japan & Australia, creating a SEA version of NATO where they all coordinate and vow to consider and attack on one as an attack on all. This would be a massive threat to Chinese aggression and might help reign in some of China’s more aggressive actions in the region.

    India is in a great position to lead such a group, as it’s growing defense manufacturing could be the perfect market for many of these countries, many of which couldn’t afford, or be authorized to buy, top tier Western equipment, but the lower cost Indian gear, while not up the the level of the newest and best NATO system, but their systems are still very good, and improving.

    Ironically, much of both both Chinese and India’s weapons manufacturing are based on Russian designs, but China buys a few systems and reverse engineers them and produces a cheaper, far less effective model, and India on the other hand uses the already good Russian weapon system and then improve it as much as possible, resulting in a system better than the original.

  11. It's almost like the Chinese don't read history. I suggest the Winter War of 1939, the Commies were so sure of themselves because they had the numbers and equipment. It did not matter, you can't throw men in and except to win.

  12. 11:00 – Filial piety+demographics is what makes me worried. If they want to try anything rash, they must try it now before their demographic time bomb goes off. And with all the crazy nationalists that government is promoting they might believe their own bullshit and think the decadent West will cower before their armies or some such nonsense.

  13. the fact that life in Taiwan is better that in China is almost irrelevant in whether China invades or not.
    A lot of it is whether they think they can get it done quickly and if they think the West will do anything about it.
    the weaker the US president is, the more danger Taiwan is in. The same with the UK government; the more cowardly they are, the more danger Taiwan is in.

  14. True. I don't think they will invade Taiwan. 100% agreed. The problem here is, if they do, nobody is going to object. Look at what they did to Hong Kong. Nobody is complaining about that. I'm upset. But, hey, I'm just one person.

    Anyway, ccp is just trying to destroy the economy of Taiwan. And this will continue for a long, very long time.

  15. Mainland China would never attack Taiwan using military force. They'd attack it politically, as is being done in Hong Kong.

  16. Logistically it is a nightmare. Imagine other nearby countries, think they’ll just stand by? Hell Indian border alone should concern them, they would mop the floor with the Chinese army.

  17. Can you do a show about how the CCP is a mafia, not a socialist government? And of course communism doesn't work for groups larger than a neighborhood.

  18. China has no interest in invading another country. They gain enough global politcial power through their economy. That's what makes the west and especially the USA very anxoius. Everything you will hear from western media about china going to war is just bullshit. Please don't let propaganda blend you. Joe Biden the US president himself said, under his watch china won't become the global economic superpower. This means under all circumstance the US goverment will provocate an armed conflict. It's not chinas fault. Just look at the last 100 years how many countries china did invade and how much the US did, you will see it's ridiculous to think china is the agressor.

  19. China, loves to portray the Bully, I hope China starts an Invasion and America, and our Allies kick
    China in their AS$ and show them who the clear and Most Dangerous Country IS the USA!!

  20. You haven’t mentioned the greed and tenacity of the American Military Industrial Complex. America may be coming for them like it or not