Is China Preparing For WAR?! China sends 150 Warplanes Into Taiwan ADIZ!

Scary times in Asia! China is gearing up for an invasion! Bombs will drop any seond!…or is that really the case?

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Written by Prozzie


  1. There's an entire intro to this video I'm just realizing I forgot to add. Well done Prozzie. Also who hates those thumbnails with the shocked look that everyone does? I sure do. Don't let me do that again. Also Happy National Day Taiwan. Keep fighting the good fight

  2. 其實中國的威脅就像台灣的地震一樣,通常都是無威脅性的搖晃,久了你就習慣了






  3. The thing I find disingenuous is that it's not mentioned most of the planes are sent towards Pratas Island, which is the south China sea and no one supports either the ROC or CCP's claims over the Paracels, except Chinese themselves. The CCP might even take Pratas Island first to test the waters, since no one considers the claim on it legal in the first place, just like how they took over Vietnamese islands by force decades ago and have built artificial islands recently.

  4. 你好,我是马来西亚人,我想指出你一个基本事实错误: 或许你看来中国进攻台湾是侵略,但是实际上两边一直没有结束内战, 没有签署停战协议. 美国南北战争是美国侵略美国吗? 我想你不会这么回答吧? 以己度人.

  5. 台灣一直被中國威脅➡️不管美國或其他國家對台灣是否做出友善的舉動都一樣!因為中國一直都在虎視眈眈對其他國家➡️一帶一路政策就是證明!

  6. The childish annoying act China/CCP has done recently is just like the fatboy Kim from North Korea did before, a crying baby asks favor from US or other western countries.

  7. 9:01 I think it's probably a Canadian thing, Canada does not have any major conflict with China, whereas Australia has, particularly the last two years, Taiwan and Chinese plane invaded Taiwanese ADIZ has been headlines in Australia a number of times…as recent as this weekend 9 oct!

  8. The economic strife in China right now changes things, and if they control TSMC they control the global production of 90% of the semi-conductor industry relevant to the 21st century, they might not see themselves as having anything to lose.

  9. 不求開第一槍,但求流第一滴血。活在台灣半個世紀,感謝前人為我們打下基礎,該是我們傳承給下一代的時候咯………

  10. I don't think China really cares if it is considered an invader lol. Just look at Hong Kong. Even a protest of nearly a third of the whole Hong Kong population didn't stop the CCP from passing the National Security Law.

  11. They will NEVER attack Taiwan.

    Sun Tzu art of war says.
    Appear strong when you are weak and weak when you are strong.

    CCP trying to appear strong by sending airplane to Taiwan, but truth is they are really insecure and weak!

  12. 一個政權會因為想要善待人民、給人民謀福利而去統治那地方的人民? 看看以前的西班牙、葡萄牙、國民黨、日本就知道了,誰不是想要佔領你的土地而已……

  13. China will not likely invade because they would become a world pariah. The various economic sanctions against China would destroy the world economy. China will wait until a time where the world economy can't live without China (almost there). Just an escalation between the China-U.S. trade war could have been devastating for the global economy. Through a combination of hard power threats such as the military incursions and then massive world wide soft power (rooted in forced support for China) against Taiwan will be an irresistible force. China does not care if they invade and cause massive infrastructural damage or loss of life. China will rebuild and they've shown they don't care about human lives. If they ended up with Taiwan, the remaining living Taiwanese would be shipped off to re-education camps and the island would be repopulated by mainlanders. Thus, the easier way to deal with this is to bide their time and crush Taiwan through soft power, mostly economic pressure. The list of countries willing to deal with Taiwan over China is ever dwindling. The only hope for Taiwan is an unlikely democratic revolution in China. And that would be so destabilizing that the entire world economy would (again) be effected.

  14. 謝謝你對台灣民主很認同,但是很可惜聯合國仍不承認台灣早是獨立的國家。

  15. 你說的是事實,每當我出國時,我都自稱是台灣人不是中國人,如果中國跟進世界文明的話(我指的不是硬體),我相信所有台灣人都會自稱為中國人的。

  16. I hope that the PRC government is simply showing a military parade and not planning an attack on Taiwan. Many people who do not live near mainland China/Taiwan simply have little knowledge/over-exaggerated fear about the China/Taiwan war.

  17. Thanks for your thoughts on this. I've seen this posturing from the PRC for the past 13 years that I've lived here and, as you said, the vast majority just live our lives and don't get concerned when Pooh-For-Life ramps up the rhetoric. Of course, seeing the recent changes in Hong Kong is something to think about.

    By the way, it's a shame at @2:04 that the dick swinging line wasn't translated into the Chinese subtitles. Oh well.

  18. I think a case can be made that whoever rules China after XJP, say in 10-12 years time, will be nowhere near as hawkish/aggressive as he is. That means, if Taiwan can hold out for another 10-12 years to outlast the XJP era, its chance of long-term survival will increase immensely.

  19. 從我小到大這鄰居的騷擾從未斷過,正如颱風和地震,不是不怕,而是這是我們的國、我們的家,沒有人想兵戎相見,但對我們而言退一步則粉身碎骨,所以我們不能退。這塊土地的自由與民主要傳下去給未來的下一代,就算我的祖先是從那地方來的,但孕育我的是這塊大地,我們有保護和傳承這裡的義務。

  20. That corner of AIDZ is important because it is the deep water channel for US submarine entering South China Sea. It is also channel for Chinese submarine to enter The pacific ocean from Hainan base. Once Chines submarine into the deep water of Pacific ocean it is difficult to trace and Chinese submarine could launch missile near US coast. It will make US have no time to defence.

  21. 共產主義就是霸道 共產黨 殺人無數只為了領導權 中華民國 有民主 有自由 有選舉權 是共產黨所沒有的憲法 他認為他是國王 控制中華兒女建立共和國 老百姓只有被迫縱容共產黨的統治了 謝謝您關心中華民國臺灣

  22. 雖然大多數人會區分中國政府和中國人
    可惜, 中共政府把自己和中國人綁在一起…….
    所以, 中國人= 中共政府 也是沒錯….