Is China Scared of the Belarus Revolution?

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China finally reported on the Belarus situation. The Chinese government ended up supporting Lukashenko. Here’s why.

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. I am a Belarusian living in China. And the funny fact that you need to know is that the most hated national group in Belarus and Russia are chinese. About 40% of Belarusians said they don’t like chinese during the independent public survey. There is even a derogatory term for Chinese people in the Russian language which can be literally translated as “the narrow eyed ones”
    However people in China think that Belarusians truly love them. That’s how much propaganda can distort reality.

  2. I'm with Lukashenko and Russia on this one. Those protesters look like Western degenerate SJWs. It seems to be a Globalist take over of Belarus. If they win you will see millions of Migrants forced into Belarus. That is the whole point of this it would seem.

  3. Russia and Belarus must be united, we are the same people. With the Support of our president Putin the color revolution failed, Luka is not very popular but its the least worst. Western globalist liberals want destroy China and Russia but its impossible, the patriots are majority.
    We (Russia) will destroy Europe and USA with nuclear weapons before we surrender once more! A second USSR destroyed, that will no happen, guys)))))
    Good luck chinese patriots dont worry about USA. Westerners they talk a lot but they sh!!t their pants, they always attack from behind.

  4. Not sure why Belarus would want democracy. Look at America. So divisive. Half the country hates the other half. They're even out fighting in the streets. Democracy is mob rule.

  5. Erg eenzijdig nieuws dus en een verdraaide realiteit. Ik was aandachtig aan het luisteren tot ik op het laatst de vrouw op de achtergrond met haar telefoon bezig zie.. ik realiseer me nu dat het zo nooit lang kan duren voordat wij een ernstig milieuprobleem hebben.

  6. If the 80% rly voted for him
    Why they don't go out and protest against the protests and wave their green red flag and say we want the president and you 20% lost the vote? Its better than jailing and killing ppl…

  7. Russia starting to hate china now too . they are definitely not allies . Bealurus is where bald and bankrupt often visits. Bealurus is a Russian satellite state

    dude the nationalist and the CCP fear my whole 560 subs ! they have done some crazy shit to me

  8. You obviously don't know how Eastern Europe works. Lukashenko will go and those who will come to power will steal everything there is to steal. Just makes me feel bad for the general population, because they are being used as pawns in this political game and they will suffer most.