Is China the most RACIST country in the world?

Foreigners are no longer allowed to enter China, foreigners are being barred from supermarkets, restaurants, bars, karaoke you name it, what’s the deal?

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  1. This is why I prefer Japan much more. Sure, Japan has its problems, particularly with sexism, but it's not a very racist country like it used to be. It's not even very xenophobic anymore. Most people there actually like foreigners. South Korea isn't too racist either. South Korean people tend to be alright. China, however, is very different. The majority of the population support totalitarian communism and a large minority if not majority are openly racist. The USA is still pretty racist, but China has managed to be even worse than the USA in the 1920s somehow.

  2. Pls do not come to China anymore ,we are not welcome those ppl who wanna take cash from China and bullshit via social media abt china to pleasure others

  3. The reason no one discusses it imo is because the ethnic minority population in China is so low, when there are large ethnic minority groups such as the Uighur's then their treatment is in fact condemned. If China's white and/ or black population were healthily above 1% I suggest we'd hear about this stuff much more and the Chinese would be given a much harder time about it.

  4. Wtf if i was that woman

    I would have filed for a divorce

    What kind of Freaking husband is that

    How did this woman marry this Dude

    Ever heard of take away dude

    I am aware of this
    Thing that China is may be technologically advanced but their level of humanity is very low

    Lol dude they are looking at you like you are from another planet all long the video

  5. that's ok… let them do what they want.. the world has woken up to China.. especially Australia and America and many local Asian countries.. they barely make a noise now in Australia

  6. I feel that China is really not very open. There are not many foreigners. Many people may not have met foreigners in their lifetime, so they will be very curious and even enthusiastic, making these foreign friends feel uncomfortable.and they know little about racism. Some of their intentions may not be discriminated against, but what they say may actually hurt others. There are also some people who areare biased against other races and still say whatever they want to say because they don't realize that it's not good, or they don't realize that some words and behaviors are badly disrespectful. I really admit that this phenomenon is existed and needs to be improved.I'm really sorry for what happened in the video.But i also want to add that there are very few examples of such inhumane slogans hanging in shops. To be honest, I have lived in China for 22 years, and I really haven't seen such slogans.Everyone who saw this video,please believe that the vast majority of Chinese people are friendly, not so terrible and full of provocation.

  7. I've been 5 months living in China until December 2019. I can absolutely confirm what ur saying. There's REAL racism there. Not just 2 drunk football hooligans shouting at a black player

  8. We should boycott doing business with china….if the rest of the world starts to build there own warehouses and manufacturing facilities and slowly stop there businesses China will fall

  9. i'm chinese, i agree we are the most prejudiced people. we even have prejudice against other chinese from different cities. the difference between prejudice chinese and the real racist people around the world. we usually keep our prejudice to ourselves we dont confront other people in their face to make them feel bad. there is one specific race of people always like to start fist fight with me, i can assure you that most asian male in southern california can tell you which race is that. i dont hate that race of people because i have friends that are that race. due to all the times that i had to physically defend myself for no reason at all except being asian, i have my reason to be prejudice.

  10. You lived in Apartheid South Africa and you still didn't get it. Black people didn't like whites because of the way they were treated – Not because they felt superior therefore. Racism is far deeper than a hatred or bias toward a certain race. Showing the picture of a black guy being attached by other blacks is quite interesting. There were blacks selling out freedom fighters to racist white policeman. Sigh….The south African reconciliation movement was a shame. Many white south Africans should have gone to jail for a long time yet…they are free. IN China and many other Asian countries, they teach white supremacy, therefore black sub-humanism in history and social studies classes…….I am not surprised. In any case, China wants to be the next white supremacy of the world and is copying the systems of imperialism of the west.

  11. i am a 100 percent Chinese,and i am sure most of people saying that words blatantly are going to fight back(i dnot konw what make that happen but racism to China indeed exist and in a wide extend)So i think we,as a rational wit common person,just stay away from that kind of guys ,take care ourselves do not ignite the war fire again,otherwise,there is an eternal fight between eversides

  12. At 1:30 …WORD!!!! I've been saying this forever…Millennials don't know what real racism is because it really no longer exists like it used to…sure, there are people you don't like other races today, but if you discriminate a race today, action is swift…which is why some "perceived" racism is dangerous, because it brings the same condemnation as real racism did…merely speaking a word that might be misconceived as racist can ruin a company, a group, or a person's life…

  13. about the imported cases, I think the government of China and medias are blaming the international students. Me myself, as an international student, felt very depressed and scared when I heard the news, and read the comments about why Chinese International students should not go back to China etc.

  14. Since so many of you struggle to undersrand the concept, this is what black people mean by 'white privilege'. White people can go ANYWHERE and be seen as Gods just because of the colour of their skin.

  15. Lived in China for a number of years; this is sadly true, Chinese people are incredibly racist towards foreigners. I could tell so many stories about it. If black people (and especially those BLM idiots) think that white people are the most racist in the world, pay a visit to China for a bit and see what happens.

  16. I am Chinese myself and I felt absolutely disgusted after watching this video about how they currently treating foreigners in China. But only less than a decade ago, this phenomenon was the totally opposite! Foreingers were widely welcomed with treated with more respect and better manners than that of the local Chinese. This phenomenon we seeing right now is all because of the current Chinese government and their suppressive nature of governance. No one dares to defy the direction of the CCP, let along voice any their own mind or retaliate against them even they all know this is wrong! All of these are the fruit of current deteriorating diplomatic relationship between China and rest of the Western society particularly US and any nations that aside them. This is one of the CCP's method of retaliating against international interventions. It is a shame and sad that the Chinese people are powerless to resist or retaliate the current government…

  17. Did I just see a husband and his child eating inside the restaurant while his wife was told to eat outside bc she's not Chinese? What kind of husband does that? A real husband would stand by his wife and take them elsewhere or even go home and cook for her. wtf?