Is Dan Andrews attempting to “Americanise” the Victorian Election?

Under intense public scrutiny an erratic Dan Andrews is attempting to Americanise the Vic Election. Be mindful of this divisiveness and attempts to divide the Victorian community. The ADC and members of the Jewish community have come out against these trivialisations as well.

Written by Real Rukshan


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  1. Nazi's and commies are one and the same thing as both want total control of the masses, its totalatarism in all its misguided, oppressive and racist form and no good has ever come from any form of extreme totalatarism, our ancetors have fought and died for democracy not totalatarism these politicians had best remember that……

  2. The Biden and WEF playbook; fear and division does not come from a person who serves a people; only serves himself while his labour-government continues to fund and equip those who openly display their practical application of neo-nazism in Ukraine, with hitlists for citizens, execution of POW's, proud dispalys of the wehrmacht logo on foreign lethal aid provided to them, commit acts of terrorism in neighbouring civilian areas and their own campaign against russian speaking Ukranian citizens. By their own admission they 'need to exterminate about 4.5 million orcs'. Dehumanisation and acts of public humiliation and assault on non-combatants are very indicative of a hsitory many in europe have forgotten it would appear. Never Again, means, never again.

  3. That's ritch , dan took names forced us to be medical experiments and built detention centres, sent his SS to attack civilians , so Dan who are the Nazis now ? Ah also don't forget Russian collusion

  4. Using Nazi terminology to win an election is beyond the pale. Dan Andrews certainly has sunk really low. Dan Andrews is a true gutter politician and anyone who votes for Dan Andrews is lower in the gutter than he is.

  5. Dont need these ads to tell me Labor is proving to be just as bad as the Libs and Nats Coalition. IBAC is a joke and so will be the ICAC with its closed door inquiries.

  6. Yes. Do not vote for others because they are all Nazis. Vote for us. We are Marxist Bolsheviks. We are much better.

    (Approved and endorsed by Mao Zedong, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung… 🤡

  7. Context is very important when discussing matters like this. This is in response to Cumming's words “I joined the Angry Victorians Party for one reason: to make Daniel Andrews turn into red mist.” And “In the army we would call it pink mist but I want him into red mist. Give anyone here in the army a job to blow someone up and they will.” This shouldn't be tolerated no matter which side you're on. Nazi may not be the most accurate term to describe it but it sure is extremist to call politicians to be blown up. Now you can't just blame them for them calling it out on it since it should be called out. I'm not a Labor shill, just pointing out, you can't just cherry pick words and prove your point. There's always more to the story. Pandemic wise may have allowed this to flourish and we shouldn't tolerate creating violence no matter who you vote for. It's a democratic process and we should be respectful to a reasonable moderate level where we can voice our opinions while not getting too personal and calling out threats. Posting videos without the context can be misleading to viewers and obviously keep in mind some people will disagree with me. But I'm looking at it in a contextual and factual matter of the events taking place, whether you want to take my word or not is up to you and you're free to do so.

  8. Considering that the Nazi’s were born out of the socialists workers it’s no surprise Dan would be using the old smoke screen of accusing the opposition of exactly what he’s up to. Classic Chinese tactics! If Australia wants to continue to be a democracy it requires differing points of view, not the dictatorship we’ve seen over the last 8 years.

  9. Meanwhile most Victorians continue going about their business as tho nothing has happened in the last two years. Does anyone else think this behaviour is strange or is it just me and I'm not asleep enough.🐑🐑

  10. Nazis or National Socialists to give them their full name.
    Always call them by their full name as the compound word is how the Left hide their equally evil twin's root beginning.

    Hitler started his path by reading Marx.

    Marx being extremely racist and a believer in polygeny.
    The theory that some races are more advanced than others.
    Read his quotes on Mexicans and his description on a certain Jewish person's appearance.
    Thomas Sowell and Larry Elders are good sources to be found on YouTube.

  11. Just did early voting and was pleased to be able to confront Mary Ann Thomas, "Communist Labour Party" for Macedon at the Polling Booth.. Felt good to be able to tell her that she will never ever get my vote again after what Dictator Dan has done to destroy Victoria and it's people. It was like water off a duck's back to her which just shows me that it is only ever the SCUM of our Society that enters Politics !

  12. But you already do! You just call them Australians instead! So much secrecy, you are a small, although still a part of that awful regime! You have no problem letting Aussie’s donate more money than we can consume! 🦎 good thing is, we know what you are, and where you should be!

  13. Dan is as clever as he is corrupt. He knows what game he is playing; obfuscating the fact that nobody knows any Australian Nazis, but we can all name multiple Australian Communists.

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