Is Daniel Andrews spreading misinformation about Israel?

Is Daniel Andrews super-spreading misinformation about covid-vaccination related challenges in Israel?

I’ve been watching Daniel Andrews cherry picking international data to push his own narrative over the past few weeks, so I finally decided to do a fact-check on our Premier.

Why is he so reluctant to acknowledge the situation in Israel?


Written by Real Rukshan


  1. Watching your vid from France (thanks for you job indeed) I can say his speech is a copy cat of what Ministry Véran/Macron is saying, I mean just misinformation.
    Then Quebec, Australia, France, Italia, Europe must get up and confront lies.

  2. Andrew’s is a Marxist activist.. he has never had a real job. People who vote this dangerous man in will deserve what they get.
    Unfortunately a fair proportion of the Australian population are on Auto-Pilot, she will be right mate, Liberals are just for the rich and big end of town etc.. don’t get me wrong, the Liberals are hopeless also, both Liberal and Labor have been selling us out for years.
    Don’t be fooled people, labour no longer care about the working class. Wake up

  3. victorians elected a street kid to run the state into the ground, his absolute ineptitude and lack of intellect highlights the need for direct election of the leaders not the party. Future rests with people's ability to sack government/s from destroying the core national values, separation of judiciary, military and business interests from governance. Government of the people for the people must be restored .

  4. In my opinion, judging from history and actions Daniel Andrews is as dodgy as they come. East-West Link lie and the red shirts lurk come to mind immediately. The police and courts work for him and his party. Education and public service are working hand in hand with his agenda against the people.

  5. A split of 78 to 22 percent vaccinated/unvaccinated would produce a vastly larger pool of potential candidates in the vaccinated group to be available for virus contraction. If the contraction split is around 50/50 wouldn't is show that there is a much higher contraction rate amongst the unvaccinated group. Still it obviously show that the vaccine is not a silver bullet. I wont comment specifically on Andrews. What more is there to say. Jury is out on that one

  6. after speaking too friends in isreal they are getting booster shots there is no panic there they have been told too social distance and get booster shots. Dan has manipulated information and destroyed australia. More needs too be done on our side well get too eighty per cent and guys you watch well be in lock down. Melbourne is now the second most locked down city in the world. This is no good for anyone in Victoria. NO GOOD DAN.

  7. So this is the latest UK Gov report supporting Vx effectiveness. Please can someone tell me how any text in this is proof the Vx is working and where the data comes from showing the allowance for pre existing and gained virus immunity and where the seasonality changes in the % of vulnerable is to ensure the measure for effectiveness is balanced weighted.I.e. if at one point we have 10 at risk then at another point we have 2 at risk how is that the same efficiency? This is what all our Govs are playing with

  8. He said : (quote) they are not yet at 70 percent. They are not yet at 70 percent.
    Which they weren't at the time he checked.
    But, Daniel Andrews isn't answerable to Israel, is he ?
    He is answerable to Victorians.
    I appreciate your insights.

  9. Israelis are now blocked from Sweden / Portugal because of the spread of the Covid in the vaxed . Israel doctor`s calling for a stop of the Vaccine calling it 'THE KILL SHOT" on Air ??

  10. "Yeah the trains have parts made using labour from Uyghurs who were forced to move for "training programs" and yeah they don't get paid and yeah I guess that's the same as involuntary indentured servitude… But the suppliers have assured us the CCP is not using labour linked to genocide and that's good enough for Jeroame "people's republic" Weimar. No more questions, it creates jobs."
    Daniel Andrews probably

  11. Questionable video.
    So first clip we watched with this so called reported. Dan never mentioned any numbers for Israel and clearly stated last he seen they hadn't reached 70%. So where did this guy come up with the topic of 60% and Dan thinking 60%? If you are apparently reporting the real news, this would priority to get right. Cannot claim he said it the other day. That would be taking it out of context from a different question. The point was to watch the video and respond just on the video and its information, and couldn't even get that right.

  12. Seriously, are they deliberately trying to destroy the western civilisation or shear incompetence. Either way people need to rise up and send a shockwave message to the elites that the people are in charge. This moron should be tried for crimes against humanity

  13. The only thing I have to give to Dan is that he is the ultimate master of spin, never seen anyone quite as adept at dodging questions, twisting facts, cherry picking figures and the confidence he portrays (unlike hearings where he can't recall anything) as he stares down anyone questioning him and will attack anything contrary to his opinion instead of listening and considering. But, like all liars, sooner or later they lie themselves into a corner. Luke 12V3, it is all being exposed. Thanks Rukshan for exposing him, keep up the good work!