Is Europe Committing Economic Suicide?

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  1. I am in the uk and thanks to people like you I've been preppering since 2001 I'm my about finish off my preps excluding producing my own food but I'm working on it with some DIY solar thank you for your honisty

  2. Hitler rose to power after an economic disaster so many anti-gunner say See tyranny hasn't happened in EU or UK so give up your guns evil America! EU, UK are going to get hit in the teeth by Neo Hitlers.

  3. There's one thing that I see happening here in the Netherlands more often which is that they are getting rid of cash by disabling the cash withdraw machines and forcing us to use our plastic banking cards to do our purchases.
    I'm trying to withdraw some cash for a week now and haven't been able to get my own money withdrawn from the bank and it's infuriating me so much that it makes me think about burning the whole thing down but then I have to burn them all down because I've driven to lots of cash withdraw machines here in my neighborhood and none of them work so it's not just the one machine here but this is happening everywhere, stupid banks I really hate them and I hope that all bankers rot in hell forever.

  4. Winter is ONLY 5 months away, in Europe, and USA! WTF are they going to do to keep Warm this Winter in Europe! The Fuel Price will most likely be up 30% in the US…….. but I can't imagine how much fuel will cost in Europe……. with INFLATION at record HIGH's NOW! Happy to be in the US right now……. feel sorry for the Europeans! NATO caused this WAR ……. IMO…….. there was an OUT 4 mos ago…..NOW I have my doubts!

  5. Truly worrying times. Never felt more that everything is tense and we are balancing on the edge of disaster. My business for what it was previous years is completely gone. We need some good news, but it’s seems to never end.

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