Is Facebook reporting you to the FBI? | Will Cain Podcast

Will sits down with NY Post columnist Miranda Devine to discuss the latest revelations of Facebook’s cooperation with the Biden administration to censor opinions they find unfavorable. Devine reveals how Facebook is reporting private citizens to the FBI, as well as why some Democrats insist on using the insulting comparison of September 11th to January 6th. #FoxNews

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  1. I don’t criticize the government since it’s ill defined and nebulous. People (tentatively) allow the government in the US. Subversive people in government aren’t the entire government. If there’s anything wrong with government, we should be free to address it. Joe literally labeled arguably more than half of voters as a danger to his administration.

  2. Obama said they (he and his supporters) were going to "change America as we know it." Too few realized the community organizer in chief was speaking of what Mao called "the long march through the institutions." Hillary and others leading the Democrat party are fellow travelers. But most people are clueless about these terms, their implications, and efforts of a ruling class to supplant our Constitution.

  3. Republicans have introduced a bill for a National Abortion Ban further taking away women's reproductive freedom. Help give women their full reproductive freedom back by voting for Democratic candidates in November.Stand up for your freedom.

  4. The cartels use Facebook to communicate to find people to ship their shipment to in the United States and nothing happens but if you question the election they want to turn you in.

  5. I know for a fact I was being reported to the FBI and local police department for things I posted on Facebook…. Maybe if our government wasn’t constantly committing treason they would have less to fear about

  6. These Liberal s have destroyed youth that at one time were great sweetheart s now they are like rabid dogs on rotten meat
    And that is what California turns your college student s into
    They are Silo Intelligent
    And it’s Infuriating


  8. Sounds a lot of my birth country where the socialist communist Marxist where in power , I see a lot of the same control by FB and the other organizations that spoke and lie and discriminate and falsely accuse people!

  9. This seems to be a personal problem that’s easily fixed; get off Facebook and get to know your neighbors around you. You’ll also find out the truth about how people feel and where they’re at with our country and our unity. ❤

  10. The FBI and Lawyers are family members of Facebook Executives
    And those in High places
    America Needs to Stop Connecting with Facebook and if you receive are friends you don’t need an App
    And that is how they get people by their own laziness and Fake Friends to operate on
    Emotion.. Facebook is not connecting it is collecting and separating
    How many people have lost Actual Friends due to Facebook?..

  11. We drive Trucks My
    in laws are studio people used to be for Viacom ( who cut a whole department due to cost and politics)
    And all these people are very nice to your face socially unless you say Trump for the last time they are so despicable with hate for that man and That’s how I Caught Them on how cutthroat nasty..
    Because all their money they are not going to have Legal Pickers or n that ranch..

  12. I would imagine I've already been flagged & watched for what I say but I never advocate for violence first I just say it's an option when criminals are running this crap show we find ourselves in. It's a warning to those criminals don't push us to far we aren't taking it anymore. Self defense is an option every human has.

  13. For all that Wealth and screaming
    White Racist
    Do their pickers have benefits and health insurance?
    Are they Union?
    I honestly don’t know but probably not
    Their help doesn’t stop at picking ,
    Mexican owning Mexican s
    Nice Cis’..

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