Is FB ‘Whistleblower’ A Billionaire CENSORSHIP Plant? | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar break down the new information uncovered about Facebook and the whistleblower, with an eye on her billionaire backers and support from liberal censorship advocates

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  1. She's probably looking to make the jump into a politics career or write a book or something. Guaranteed one of those is coming soon. I'm sure there's tons of "damning" (although probably not illegal) things there for FB, but I don't think there's any game changers in there. What was the game changers? That they knew the algorithm leaned towards negative content? We knew that, we all talked about it. That they know they are losing teens? We knew about that too. I'm trying to find the huge story with the FB data but I just don't see it, it's all stuff we already know and talk about and nobody disagrees with.

  2. Inviting people to the table is where they get you hook. With psychological means and making you feel as though you are part of the group and solution, they alter your perspective.

  3. One thing you aren't addressing here is f/b's algorithm observation. Each of us on f/b is being observed – where we go, what we like, etc, and then other like stuff is being fed to us. I have friends whom I don't think see my posts because they generally have different political views. And my posts aren't political, but they aren't being fed to them even though they're actually on my friend list. Could be they see and don't care but I've been suspicious of it for a long time.

  4. It pains me when intelligent people skip the source to “solve a problem.” We don’t need to regulate private business while calling it a “public good.” What we need is less regulation in the first place so we stop having a monopolistic economy and no company gets this powerful in the first place…. We’re always working bottom up and stopping at the bottleneck rather than top down to eliminate the cause of the bottleneck. You want a better forum for public debate – shrink the federal government by 90% and return competition to a private marketplace and you’ll get a better forum for debate.

  5. You two are so late to the party again. Plus, not one mention of Project Veritas. They broke this before anyone else, yet you give them no credit. And I love how you always downplay Hunter Biden's laptop. That turned out to be true and full of videos and pictures of him, but your argument is "it came from a sketchy source". just wow

  6. It was really refreshing hearing you on a daily basis in the last couple of months. But after this, I will be viewing you through a different lens. Whistleblowers are often terrified because they’re highly aware of the powers they oppose. So getting as much support as you can coming out of the gates is important. Trust me I know. As a whistleblower I would certainly be selective about media outlets coming out too. The reasons are obvious. With the amount of human suffering Facebook caused globally, I am shocked that you are trying to paint ideaology and money as things to consider and use terms as “censuring Facebook”. Or “Facebook is for old people”. What about Instagram? As someone with a Palestinian heritage, I am well aware of constant censorship of Palestinian voices on all of facebook’s platforms. At no point did you mentions the courage it takes to be a whistleblower of such magnitude. Sorry! On this one, you are misguided. This was an overreach attempt of connecting the dots. This whistleblower is highly educated and specialized in certain area in tech. Highly sought after. She should be a billionaire. That was in your title but you didn’t touch much about it in your talk. In fact ..what is your ideological or financial agenda? To title your episode as “Is FB whistleblower a billionaire?”

  7. WHO IS…..IS THERE…..An Actual "single driver" of Culture any more?! BOOMERS RULE….Nobody Else has anything right?! Millennials and younger, what the hell do they BUY?! It's ALL Ad Revenue

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  9. Nailed it 🙂 Im not even sure the Meta thing is damage control either, Mark just got bored with data collection and not being allowed to deal with the warrants personally.

  10. You guys don't know Facebook. It is for business. The fact is 90% of companies are not run by teenagers. So when the 2% to 8% of teens get to run a business, they have to run towards Facebook. As Google, just consistently will close Ad accounts for all small businesses.

  11. Just because Facebook is losing growth in certain demographics, that doesn’t mean no one uses it. Zuckerberg is talking about the 5-10yr roadmap just like any other business. And they recognize how competitive the social space is getting.

  12. I had to navigate directly to your feed to find this clip. When I searched fort Facebook whistleblower YT recommended all the mainstream channels, event though their videos have wayyy less views. You probably already know this.

  13. I'm 71 year's old. I think u r being censored by YouTube. U guys had a report on Julian Asange by Krystal ball. I'm angry about this situation. I don't like missing any info . I will c about joining and becoming a premium member. Tks b free

  14. A democrat plant. It's no coincidence her talking points mirror those of democrat reps specifically after the election of trump and that all democrat aligned media outlets picked this story up and were in lockstep pushing the same narrative from day one.

  15. I watched the rise and fall of Myspace, as facebook rose to prominance and stayed there I was in the age bracket that would have had the most interest in it when it was big, even I laugh at the idea of being on facebook. Facebook only exists now because of people who are about 10 years behind everyone else when it comes to technology and trends (mostly old people). If you have any real online savvy, Facebook is a place for your mum. Everyone who knows what's going on has moved to twitter and tiktok (twitter now feels like it's going the way of facebook, like it's mid-cycle).

  16. Zuckerberg probably wouldn't mind if Facebook became Microsoft as long as it brought in the $$… unfortunately for him, Facebook doesn't have any actual product underpinning it, unlike Microsoft

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