Is He Serious?!

Anthony Fauci now says that courts should defer to public-health experts and the CDC – so, does Fauci now think he’s literally above the law?
#Fauci #Pandemic #Covid


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Russel and team, followed you for days now 🙌I’d rather not conclude your opinions as you have consistently reiterated and I appreciate you journey so much. Im beginning to question your sources. You have information galourzz. Maybe I’m shit, your sources are continuous yet somehow I’m seeking relevant conversations but unable to find.I know you referenced sources of articles time and time again but it confusing me on you ability to pump this out. If I’ve missed something please clarify, but my faith is on your side I’m just very confused. Can you help me follow some of your sources?! X

  2. Oh, these medical tyrants and their political enabler will be back in the fall…guaranteed.
    We MUST remove ALL their emergency powers ASAP!
    They've found a loophole to dictatorship and it's called "medical emergency powers"!

  3. Hello! Mandates are not law. Certainly not God's law. We do not comply to these bloviating puffed up blowfish, mighty in their own tiny minds. We are FREE IN CHRIST and hold a powerful sword. We can win this on our knees, hands lifted high.. Keep spreading truth and stay united. Let the wicked continue to expose their wickedness. Soon, they will devour each other. The bible tells us there will be 7 plagues. Covid was an upper respiratory flu. God bless you Russell, He has placed you in an amazing ministry, God protect you and all those you love.

  4. I think you are BRILLIANT!! I love watching your podcast (if that is the right term?) I think that with out people like you investigating and presenting the information fairly we would be in even worse shape than we are currently in— and God knows we are in bad shape— PLEASE keep up the great work and stay strong, we need you.

  5. To suggest that the CDC should have power is ludicrous and reverts back to the Holocaust- I forget the woman’s name, but she is a survivor who warned us about the same patterns that led to the Holocaust are happening again! Giving doctors and medical institutions power over policy is dangerous and not the path we should allow! Thank you Russell for keeping issues like these in the forefront – lest we forget our history!! We should be learning from our mistakes! 😔😿

  6. I think you are a really nice guy, and gaining more and more wisdom every day. Too bad you are pushing new age spirituality. You are wrong on that one. Read the New Testament. Find the truth. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the Father except by me." If you don't believe that, that means you think Jesus was not being truthful about Himself. That He was a liar, or delusional. Believe me, He was the most honest man that ever lived. He was the God-man. Fully God and fully man. And He is alive and well, and sees everything, knows man's hearts, and is coming to judge the living and the dead someday. And the way the world is going it may be sooner than later. God is exposing good and evil right now, giving us a chance to be on the right side. And I don't necessarily mean politically, though that is nice. I mean either you are on God's side or the devils side. There is no in-between. The bible says, "Choose this day whom you will serve." Don't wait till it's too late. "But as for me and my household we will serve the Lord."

  7. Yes 😁 if people thought wearing a little mask was going to stop any viruses to spread in public should not call them slefs medical
    Professional. 🤔 about it that's way doctors are fully suited up whith the own oxygen 🙄. Didn't wear a stupid 🙄 little face mask 🙄 😑 57 and HIV I didn't want to take the vectine but I was false to because they told us we could 😉 not travel overseas 😉 and that's the only thing I have left in my life 😉 that makes 😉 me happy 😉

  8. Public health issue fauci ouchie, or a Crime against humanity w cohearsion. Playing on our ignorance. Many rolled up sleeve and believed this ferret or weasel. Fauci looks like a ferret or a rat. Never trust a weasel or a person w eyes so close together. He looks like he is looking at his nose grow, as he lies, lies and w financial Gates of bill open. Bribes begin. 🙏

  9. Constitution should get wrapped in a club that smashes kleptocrats & despotic systemic corruption ridden with conniving parasitic corporateers NGOs complicit shills. With extreme prejudice must imprison indict prosecute all those immoral harmful reckless criminals involved with CoronaCon.

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