Is It A Baby?

rightoids keep falling for the troll with the elephant fetus and ya’ll need to stop you’re making yourselves look like idiots lmao


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#Abortion #roevwade

Written by ShortFatOtaku

Hi, I'm SFO, and on this channel I make political and philosophical content. There's a lot wrong with the world at the moment, and I don't really have any way to affect political change other than making videos on pertinent topics, so I'll do what I can. My political position is a liberal centrist - I believe that free western capitalist democracy is the best political system we have, and that it's under attack from all sides, from SJWs, from religious extremism, from radical feminism, from identitarianism, from both progressivism and regressivism, from extremism from both ends of the political spectrum. If you're expecting me to either be alt-right, or side with social justice, you're going to be very disappointed.


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  1. Dev, that clip at 3:50 is from a VIRGINIA state legislator, Kathy Tran, not CA. It is also the one Gov. Northam, of VA, defended on talk radio by saying he would make the baby "comfortable" while he had a "discussion" with the mother.

  2. Ok…I just wanted to say if a raid somewhere was done, and they found a cooler full of human embryos the news would report
    "cooler full of human embryos found during FBI raid"

    They wouldn't say
    "cooler full of embryos that could've been human under the right circumstances found" ✌️

  3. That table is hard to judge because the 92% includes (no reason given) and I imagine many women don't want to say the reason when it's something like rape happened to them

    Man that woman got real evasive on the stand when he asked how long into the 3rd trimester

  4. The proof that Pro Abortion Rights people still believe that abortion is wrong is that they have to hide behind all these euphemism. They have to do their best to distance themselves from the action because they deep down inside know that it is wrong.

  5. I mean birth control failing is a fair reason in My eyes. It’s people using your abortion as contraceptive as their first call I think is ikky as fuck

  6. That…THING…at 10:40 really just shows what is wrong with the last generation. We don't "assign a gender". Parents that want children go to see whether it's a boy or a girl, and we don't say "It's crying" we say "he/she is crying."

    I'm really hoping we don't go the way of Rome where they simply accepted all and any kind of debauchery and was destroyed from the inside before the barbarians even arrived on the outside.

  7. "They're only a person if the owner decides they are."
    This is one of the reasons why I view the average Pro-Abortion advocate to be ontological equals to the Antebellum South. Their defense of the active murder and termination of human life relies on the same arguments of convenience, ownership, and faux-necessity as the arguments for the ownership of slavery and the dehumanization of enslaved peoples and ethnic groups.
    Actually, analyzing and comparing the two mindsets and positions may actually be an interesting video idea.

  8. I'm generally pro choice if it is safe, legal and rare, but watching these people, especially the girl who said to her baby that she chose to let it live, I'm becoming more radicalized. I'm starting to think no abortion for anyone since they couldn't behave.

  9. Well I hope none of your zygotes grow so you can have a little zygote farm and show em off since they're not people. Which means you aren't a person. If what you were from the moment of conception can't be considered a human then at no point during your life can you justify being a human. A baby in the womb at 1 week or 1 year is a human. Killing a human is illegal.

  10. As a woman who has given birth multiple times, I've always had a problem with the term "pro-choice" for a reason most people don't consider. They say "bodily autonomy", but did you know that if a woman chooses NOT to keep a baby, she has zero say in anything from then on? Legally, at least in my state, a doctor or hospitals can do anything they want to a woman in the name of the best interests of the baby. She has no say in what interventions are used, even the most innocuous and useless ones. I was screamed at by a nurse because I refused to take off my bra. She threatened to call security to cut it off of me because it was "hospital policy". They tried to force me to have a catheter despite me being perfectly fine to go to a toilet (and there being zero medical reason for it). If my husband hadn't physically blocked them from me, they would have forced an epidural on me DESPITE the fact that i'm highly allergic to pain killers. They don't listen to you. They treat you like you aren't even human much of the time.

    But every pro abort I talk to is perfectly okay with the way THAT works.

  11. There are people all up and down of both sides, its a little disingenuous to act like being pro choice and believing abortion isn't immoral in itself. HAS TOO always lead to abortions up to the moment of birth. I believe its PERFECTLY reasonable to not assign morality to abortion's up to a certain point before nervous system or whatever. And its also disingenuous to act like using certain words means we "know" what were doing agrees with your position…. Alot of terminology is based off of societies common parlance and not the individual's own subconscious beliefs sneaking out.

  12. I think its reasonable to ask the mother to not have her offspring ripped apart in her womb by a doctor after a rape. Rapists' sentences should be tripled and the kids should be born and given up for adoption, not mutilated. Life is hard, we shouldn't sacrifice our morals for convenience in the short term. And crushing your offspring's skull in the womb and taking it out piece by piece is immoral. Intentionally choosing to deny it the rest of it's life for our convenience is wrong. Only if the mother's life is in jeopardy is it justified.

  13. Hey remember when Lef'Tists said only "women" had a voice on the topic of abortions? Shouldn't that be only hetro men and women? You need an Innie and an outie to make a baby so to throw their own line back at them "It'S nOt FoR yOu!"

  14. I personally think that abortion is not a big deal. Fetus even if is "alive" is probably not conscious in fully developed and in mental capacity is closer to animal. This makes me belive fetuses should be thought of as not fully human yet alive. In the same sense that you wouldn't kill a dog if there was no need but you would not value dog's life higher than human life. Ultimately that is a choice that's up to the individual.

  15. The minute they tried to force everyone to get the vax against their will yet still cry over women choosing to have babies over forcing an abortion, is the very minute they lost me. Now I am full hard on against abortion but only with the three exceptions.
    Abortion is not meant to be used as a contraceptive!
    "My body my cho-" They lost me when people tried to do the same thing over getting the coof shot (and with legitimate reasons too) and shut them down immediately.
    Your choices, your consequences! Deal with it!

  16. pro-abortionist are ghouls and there is no argument left that can change my mind on this. All compromises are no more than a bad faith push toward killing at birth

  17. They act like the slippery slope argument is irrational, than literally say they want a live healthy baby that could 100% live outside of the mother to be killed.
    They don't just say it either, they scream it, laugh it, and dance around gleefully cheering it on.

    As a person who is pro abortion, I find that disgusting, and people need to really look into the gross laws these blood thirsty harpie hags try to put into place.
    It's not about protecting their rights, it's about flexing their power over an unborn child to assert some kind of sick dominance over them old white male politicians.

    Personally I think people should have 100% autonomy when it comes to their bodies, as long as no one else is getting hurt or harmed (property included) people should be able to live their lives as they please.
    But the moment of birth?
    How can you defend that and be surprised when your opposition thinks you're a disgusting baby killer?
    Because you either are, or you're so fucking close to the line you might as well be.

    The lefts inability to level with and discuss things with their opposition (literally a thanks obama moment, when that dope refused to talk to his opposition on gun reform) is what's dragging their party down in popularity and power.
    The short term surge in angry twitter users and college students will not last as a positive impact on the party.

  18. abortion is evil, you are snuffing out a life
    period, incest is one thing, rape is another but using it simply because the life is an inconvenience to you is the most discusting thing ever there is no debate to this hedonistic horror of snuffing out intelligent life that should have rights

    those children could be adopted by someone else, and those children in the adoption world, I can garantee at least want to be alive.

  19. Lol no.

    1. There are no doll-fetuses, just doll-babies (at least, not easily accessible). You're arguing for an implication of a moral considerations due to the use of imperfect symbolism/iconography, which is shaky at best.

    2. You glossed over a very important point at 9:06 , "When you use hand sanitizer, you kill germs". Nobody, not even liberals, is arguing that a fetus is not life . In terms of biology, it is unmistakably life, just like germs. The problem is that it's not a being , which is the only category afforded rights.

    3. The TikToker at 9:00 recognizes that there is a sequence from not-being (zygote) to being (baby). That does not mean the category is, or even should be, applied universally. Jesus, we have an example that is already used- "I should have swallowed you" is but one of them. Now, does that mean that she

    a. Swallows (kills) an actual baby.
    b. Swallows (kills) sperm that gave rise to the very baby a mother had.

    You can try and argue, weakly, that "but zygote is not sperm"; that is an irrelevant point, since in both cases she applies you towards a human being. One merely references a sequence that came before the zygote- but in both cases they're NOT considered human beings AND a part of the overall sequence.

    4. I don't know why you keep trying to make these psychoanalysis videos of liberals, it always ends up with dissonant foot in mouth. Liberals don't consider it a baby aka a human being. The legislator you had in the video wanted to call in doctors to explain the subtitles of a law they are aware is imperfect; read Studnicki's article, "Late-Term Abortion and Medical Necessity: A Failure of Science", and the doctor at the end was very specific in saying that they will not help the fetus survive, not that they will actually kill it. This is wholly inapplicable when it comes to "abortion at birth"- the "fetus" does and will survive at that point without extensive medical assistance. In other words, even if late term abortions were legal, they are very likely to be made unethical on scientific basis, and therefore inapplicable. Even if a doctor believes that a woman should have an abortion at birth, he will not jeopardize his medical license by performing such a procedure- provided that the answer of what constitutes human life and human being is left to medical science.

    But the right does not want medical science to make the decision, because it will almost certainly make early abortions perfectly acceptable, even if it outlaws late term abortions. Hence the politicization.

    5. 19% say that it should be legal, no exceptions when it comes to the age of the fetus. Just like 8%, claim that it should be illegal, no exceptions. And late term abortions are 1% of all abortions. You are talking about a non-issue, and applying it to the 56% who claim that it should be legal but restricted in terms of age- which are the liberals in this debate (the rest 14% consider it illegal, except in certain cases).

  20. I don't think you have to argue based on "morality". On a case-by-case basis, you can measurably prove that some of these people are mentally unstable. You can logically and objectively determine that abortion is not a good thing. In most cases, pregnancy results in a person being born. Preventing that for no solid reason is what people would call "morally wrong", which I just call "wrong". It's measurable. You can reason it out and point to physical evidence. Further, you can point out that abortion is easily avoidable. Objectively, most cases come down to personal responsibility. That's why, correct me if I'm wrong, most women haven't had an abortion. If my girlfriends and I can avoid pregnancy hundreds of times, then so can anyone else.

    I think a lot of people lose the general public when they appeal to the vague "morality", or their religious beliefs. All of this can be reasoned out and scientifically assessed. We can pretty easily prove, in most cases, why something is "right" or "wrong" based on measurable, observable consequences. Psychology is also a very important element that's always left out. Some of these people are displaying clear signs of sociopathy.

  21. The woman drinking and partying when she "doesn't know" she's pregnant is nonsense, she knows if she had sex recently or not, she should assume that she's pregnant until a sufficient time has passed and avoid any activity potentially detrimental to the child.

  22. Do think only woman get to vote on this, male's perception on this changes from not being together to being together and once again after the first child. And preventing actually getting pregnant would be a better attacking point than actual late term abortion, but how mandated can it get perhaps leave it up to choice. There are alot of free ways to abort early too, pill is pretty guaranteed, a good wash a month loosens the egg pretty effectively just pretty cumbersome, after that not sure probably allow it but make sure to shun the female from doing so being their use and all that.
    Don't like the topic, I could get even more cruel about it when discussing the long term ones but you know not really save for work.

  23. I think the thing you're leaving out in your decision making with the "rare" bit and "not fun" bit, is abortions are a medical procedure. No duh it isn't going to fun. That's like looking at a guy with ball cancer and thinking him getting a medical procedure should be rare and him publically shamed for it, because omg, all those little sperms were killeded!

    That too and forgetting some women may want a kid, but the fetus gets fucked up and they need an abortion anyways. There's 0 reason to shame them for doing a medical procedure they need, but may not have wanted. Why force someone to give birth to something with no mouth for example and will die in 2 seconds of being outside. Like diplosia where the baby has no face, just a probuscus and dies within seconds. Why force that trauma on someone if it's unnecessary.

    I am of the belief it should be 100% legal for a woman to get an abortion for any reason that she may give or not give, or by recommendation by a doctor. We don't hold men to similar standard when they chop off their balls. We don't send guys to jail for that. It's absurd. Masturbation is a choice by a man for example, but we don't take guys out and hang em for 'killing sperm cells' as the mormons would probably like to have as law. If you're going to hold one gender to a standard, then you'll have to hold the other to it too, unless the goal is to be hypocritical.

  24. I'm 21. I used to be super pro choice when i was 17-19. I've felt like I've been pushed by seeing people act so horrid when it comes to abortion. Seeing women call them cells. Like no shit we are all cells. Abortion shouldn't be the main contraceptive.

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