Is Joe Biden Mentally There?

Joe Biden is in hot water after his recent awkward comments on race. @Ben Shapiro breaks it all down.

Written by The Daily Wire

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  1. Really Bennie? Yo Semite, THIGHland, Spanish flu ended WWII? Person, woman, man, camera, TV "No one can do this!!! They said 'how did you do that? It's really hard!" "We took over the airports in 1776, India needs to stop complaining about China … It's not like they share a border…The President of Puerto Rico needs to take care of his people! I have the greatest 'you know what' (as he makes the universal sign for crazy)" Come on Bennie. The fact is we have two old white guys to pick from. We have already seen how Captain Corpulence has performed (he is killing us… literally) how much worse can Biden be? At least he dug us out of the last Recession.

  2. Hey Ben! Would it be possible to add a "Sources" tab on Daily Wire with the sources for articles/studies you quote? That would be a great resource for people trying to follow in your example by providing unbiased facts.

  3. New Product: Quid Pro Quo Joe's Word Salad. It comes with different ingredients every time you buy it and sometimes, many times, the box is empty. All of them are well past their expiration dates. It is so good you will forget that you ate it.

  4. It seems like stage 6 of demetia. – You could notice changes in their personality and behaviour – such as anger and aggression – which can be upsetting and difficult to cope with. However, although they might be very confused, they often still know and recognise the people closest to them – which can bring some comfort.

  5. I do not believe that the DNC could only come up with Biden. There are lots of people who could have run if they wanted the DNC to win. It is very suspicious that no one else was put forth to run against President Trump. This poor man is being made fun of because her cannot do the job. They must want Harris to really be president

  6. It’s more ridiculous than a parody. It’s embarrassing! I personally think that he was chosen because certain people were tired of a president they could not control and picked him to be a puppet. They just never planned on his incompetence becoming painfully obvious so soon.

  7. Joe Biden has lost the innate ability of syntax. Something is affecting his speech, possibilities could be, a tumour in his brain, Dementia or Altzheimers. The truth will come out very soon and the Democratic Party will have to deal with their own voters apathy when it does.

  8. Hay democrats would you want JOE Biden to do your taxes ? I sure the hell wouldn't ! And this is the guy you want to have the nuclear codes ? JUST HOW STUPID ARE YOU ?

  9. Seriously scary shit. I think everyone knows at this point that a vote for Biden is in reality, a vote for Harris…which is why Trump will win a landslide victory. And I'm a Liberal…or was.

  10. It's too sad about Joe Biden. He should be spared from the big task to run for president. Of course he is only preparing the way for Kamala Harris. May that never happen!